Is ne one relle relle intrested to join a band in karachi

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  1. boxer

    boxer New Member

    hi guyz im babar and im a lead guitarist of a band so ive just started to begin .but i need members so ineed drummer ,rythms,keyboard, and bases and gud vocalist so guyz im relle intrested to make all my lyrics and composing is done plzz reply soon and contact me here [Tuuuuuuut] thnk u
    bye bye

    Edit: No email Ids please... rizaaj
  2. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    Dude, U say that u are the lead guitarist of a band..then u say that u need a drummer , rhythms , bass etc...:think:
    So who all play in ur band right now....
    Are u the lead of the band of which u are the only member of the band..I mean ..this is ridiculous..:mad:
    U are the only member of the band and u say that , u play the leads...:think:
  3. AxE`

    AxE` Riffmeister

    All that born2tab just said, plus the fact that you want people just to play out your songs. You arent really going to find many people that way.. Maybe you should join some band that has all those missing musicians and lacks a lead guitarist.
  4. the_batman

    the_batman New Member

    Boxer, would it kill you to type normally so I don't have to spend 3 minutes per word trying to figure out what the hell you're trying to say?
  5. faraz khan

    faraz khan Fkay'zzz .......GoNe MaD!


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