IS Bajaao a reliable dealer?

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  1. Zax

    Zax New Member

    Hey Guys,
    It's my first time and I am going on with a Ibanez costing around 30k but before I carry on with process I want to know is Bajaao reliable?What are your experience buying at Bajaao(I've read some really negative ones trustpilot)...

    Can you guys suggest some alternatie but trusted and reliable dealer too?
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Yes Bajaao is quite reliable.
    If you are wary of their reputation, then check the same product on Amazon but sold by Bajaao.
    eg:Washburn WD10CE Apprentice Series Acoustic Guitar: Musical Instruments

    Oh but I couldn't find your Ibanez on Amazon by Bajaao.

    Anyway Bajaao has got some management issues (item deliverynot on time) but I am not sure if you would've come across any case of cheating.

    On the other hand, why not buy something from Amazon but some other seller like:
    Ibanez SRFF805-BKS Fanned-Fret Five-String Electric: Musical Instruments
  3. Zax

    Zax New Member


    Well I recently order RG470FM .Its worrying me when I read their revies on TrustPilot and Junglee....

    Have you ordered anything from them? From the reviews on website it seems to be trusted but..

    Anyway,I hope everything goes fine
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I have bought quite a few stuff from them (in the past as well as recently).
    As I said - they used to have big delivery on time issues.
    Looks like they have improved somewhat.

    However never had a case of them running away with money.

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