Irumbile oru irudhayam - Endhiran

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  1. midosh

    midosh New Member

    e -----7---5--7---7-7---
    B --5--------------------

    oru irudhayam mulaikkudho
    e -------8-8---7-7--3-5-
    B -5-5-------------------

    mudhal muray
    e -----7---5--7---7-7---
    B --5--------------------

    kadhal azhaikkudho...
    e -------8-8---7-7--3---
    B -5-5------------------5

    poojiyam ondrodu
    e -3-3-----5-5----3---
    B ------5---------------

    poovaasam endrodu
    e -7-7--3--5-5----3---
    B ----------------------

    same as above - for --
    Vinmeengal vinnodu minnalgal kannodu
    Google-kal kaanadha thedalgal ennodu

    kalangal kaana kadhal
    e --3-3-----5-5-5-0------
    B -------5--------------

    penpoove unoodu
    e -5-5-0---0-0-0-
    B -----------------

    Hope u guys like this....:)..

    will be posting more songs from endhiran....
  2. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    please put up not able to play this song...
  3. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    please can you get me the notes for kaadhal anukkal in guitar..
  4. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    for irumbile...whatabout the rest of the song??? like... "i-robo unkadhal i love you sollathaan" plese form notes for those also..please....
  5. midosh

    midosh New Member


    will get back to you shortly....:)
  6. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    thank u... :)
  7. freakofguitar

    freakofguitar New Member


    here are the notes for that line

    i-robo unkadhal i love you sollathaan
    3-7-3-8-7-3- ll -0-3-0-3-5-0- ll

    correct me if i'm wrong :)
  8. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    wow!!! thnx...wat abt the rest??? .... "ennulle ennulle neethane neethaane".... tillthe lyrics???? i want notes fr da whole song... lyrics part only!!! plz....
  9. pragava

    pragava New Member

    That was great...
  10. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    actually its....
    25 17 15 17 25 18 17 17 13 15
    irumbile oru irudhayam mulaikkutho

    25 17 15 17 25 18 17 17 28 25
    mudhal murai kaadhal azhaikkutho

    I actually changed a few more.... cant remember ...try this out...
  11. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    Someone notes for kaadhal anukkal!!!
  12. midosh

    midosh New Member

    Hny 2011

    hey guys....thanks for keeping the thread alive...

    "irobo unkaathil tabs part...." sounds awesome...
    thanks to...freak-of-guitar... xpecting the rest of the tabs from you...

    ..and happy new year to all igt members...

    .. the bg intro tabs for the song.... :D

    e ---7-5-0...
    b -5--------

    e -0-3-7-12-

    e -10-12-7-10

    e -5-10-5-7...
  13. sara_131

    sara_131 New Member

    thank u

    plz post the tabs for the full song plzzzzzzzzzz
  14. jkarthik6890

    jkarthik6890 New Member

    Awesome tabs :) keep it up :)
    Can you pls post it for the whole song??

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