Ironic - Alanis Morisette cover

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  1. Fatima

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    This isn't a great version. I just recorded it with my mp3 player when I found the chords. I go wrong at one point - and have to stop and start...and bang my guitar at one point too! :p: lol. Oh well... it was just a fun recording not a "serious" one. Feedback would be welcome, but I'm not expecting it to be all that positive this time.
  2. jayswami

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    briilliant u played it in the open C position

    plaing G C G Am.. which dint i think of that :)
    its just oen above the actual song... i used a capo and played it in the open G position...

    anyways the way u are playing.. u miss 2 things which are easy to fix.

    the intro and the part which goes life has a funny way.. the way u play it is Fmaj7 and G6

    u play Fmaj 7 like this


    the u slide the same position 2 positions to get your G6

    the whole seq is


    try it out.

    the other part is .. who woulda thought it figured

    would be Eb.....F..... G... in the key u r playing

    so u gotta learn Eb and F :)

    i will teach u a very easy non barre Eb and F and G using just 3 strings

    xxx343 --- Eb
    xxx565 ----F
    xxx787 ----G :)

    u can use those while playing WHo woulda thought it figured... for the time being while u r stilling learning barr chords.

    int the future u can play them like..

    x65343 --- Eb
    x87565 ----F
    x10-9-7-8-7 ----G - thats the touched barre chord position the C position :)
  3. shak

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    same with the aadat song ... i asked fatima what chords had she used and she said she used Am gmaj and D etc ... i said the same thing ... Am? .. woa! why didnt i think of that .. lol
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  4. Fatima

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    lol. Yeah I know I don't use conventional chords. I'm lazy what can I say. Thanks for the advice Jay... I was going to use D and A for "who would've thought, it figures" but then forgot. so just carried on!
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  5. @fatima nice singing n guitaring i heard the adat song for the first time coz here i dont get pakistani songs yet will try to play it on guitar thanks dude n keep sending ur songs there nice to hear u play.;)
  6. Fatima

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    ^ thanks :) I didn't want to start another thread, so I thought I'd just say here... I've put up "Lamhey" cover (by Jal) that I recorded today on the same link. I go wrong quite a bit where I play the wrong notes, so the singing sounds off. And the ending is a little..urr I promise one day I'll record something and actually like it! haha
  7. ^^yep no need to start another thread hey whenever u post another songs do make us aware
    u r really nice singer
    my playing is not bad at all but my singing is very poor lolz but hard rock songs i play n sing them well ;) lolz
    will post mine soon recording it on my comp first ............
  8. jayswami

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    fatima thats it.. u gotta learn how to play F major barre chord. thats your assignment for the week :)
  9. Fatima

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    haha... I'm trying!! My finger hurts lol. I'll get there :p:

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