IPL which side are you on????

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by angel_of_sin, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    IPL is supposed to be all da cricketing rage dese days.....................
    which side are you on????? lets see which team has the most fan following...........
    i support Delhi Daredevils.....proud to be a delhiite
  2. augur

    augur I love bjr

    How can it be all the rage when it hasn't even started?
  3. cooljeba

    cooljeba New Member

    Me supporting Royal Challenge Bangalore for obvious reason ;-)
  4. augur

    augur I love bjr

    Rajnikanth is playing for Bangalore!!?
  5. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    I'm not terribly proud to be a Calcuttan but I'm supporting them all the same....supporting meaning just hoping that they'll win their matches and perhaps going to Eden to see the Bombay-Cal match.

    Oh, I think one of Hyderabad, Calcutta or Bombay are gonna win. Bombay just because they have Sachin <3
  6. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    Rajni is a Tamilian. He cannot possibly play for Bangalore.

    @thread ... Im a weak cricket-nut from Mumbai so my allegiance belongs to them.
  7. augur

    augur I love bjr

    Actually isn't he Maharashtrian?
  8. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    I think the joke was more regarding the obvious reason somebody was supporting bangalore.

    Anyhow, I'm hunting for tickets for the match on the 20th.
  9. eightytwo

    eightytwo New Member

    Rajini is going to play for IPL? lol!

    I don't follow Cricket. I couldn't care.
  10. augur

    augur I love bjr

    They're available online as I heard this guy talking to his friend over the phone. He also kept repeating, "All the stars will be there."

    God I wanted to smack him across the face.
  11. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    yes but whenever someone tried for a ticket for the 20th, there was an "error in page" reported.

    I so wanted to go. ALL THE STARS WILL BE THERE!
  12. augur

    augur I love bjr


    8 characters not enough? Whore.
  13. eightytwo

    eightytwo New Member

    I heard Dhoni is gay. Cool!
  14. augur

    augur I love bjr

    There's hope for you now.....?
  15. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    I got tickets. I shall go watch the match on the 20th yay. I wanted to go to the cal-bombay match but I have exams the days before and after the match.
  16. eightytwo

    eightytwo New Member

    not yet... I still dig women.
  17. augur

    augur I love bjr

    Damn! I had my eye on you.

    Where's your sig from btw?
  18. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

  19. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    Its like cricket having an orgasm.
  20. amitrichardxess

    amitrichardxess New Member

    meeeee also with Mighty KNIGHTRIDERS:rock: :rock: :rock:

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