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    Hii Friends
    I'm Ravi from Thane Maharashtra. I recently got an Acoustic guitar. Holmer F-Cut which is enough to learn the basics ( I Hope). I haven't yet joined any classed yet (hope 2 join soon). I am sure i will get all the help required here !!!

    Cheers !!!
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    Welcome to the Only Guitar site Ravi!

    Heya Ravi,
    Welcome to the (India's only Guitar community site)
    Have a pleasant stay and let us know if you need any sort of assistance (regarding Guitar anyways ^_^ ) right here to help you folks...
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    Ojas Vora

    Hi all Musicians
    I'm Ojas from bhuj kutch .... experienced Guitarist playing professionaly about 12yrs I've Boss GT10 Roland GR 20 and Slammer centura guitar. Intrested in Guitar Playing and Procissing tone .... so any query is welcome wil discuss and enrich knowledge thnx
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  5. tracyk859

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    Hi, I am Tracy . I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!

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