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  1. Hungry_Scooter

    Hungry_Scooter New Member

    Hi Folks!

    I am Hungry Scooter. M Really Hungry to learn playing guitar but I am not a Scooter... m a noob and planning to buy a guitar in next coupla days.. donno much about the different types of guitars and which one I should choose as a beginner. One of my frnd is gonna help me to pick the best in the lot keeping in mind that i dont even know how to hold it.. Learning guitar has been my dream for I donno how many years... but finally m going for it... Guyz plz reply if you have any suggestions for me..

    "A Hungry Scooter is always an Angry Scooter"


    "If fate didn't make you laugh, you didn't get the joke"
  2. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    Welcome hungry scooter. Nano is on its way too.
  3. Hungry_Scooter

    Hungry_Scooter New Member

    Thanx Nazr...

    yeah it will be a tough competition for the ppl like me, if there are any.. but wont effect much to me coz luckily Nano will not be launched in Delhi due to huge volume of traffic on roads..

    Thanx for the update neways :)
  4. saranshjain29

    saranshjain29 New Member

    hi hungary scooter,
    i must give some petrol to you or you take diesel???
  5. Hungry_Scooter

    Hungry_Scooter New Member

    Thanx saranshjain29

    ofcourse my friend!! I take Diesel, Petrol and sometimes even water. But these days I am struggling with my will to learn playin guitar... coz I sound really ugly on guitar.. I donno wat to do.. Any help of any kind will be highly appreciated.

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