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  1. jayanth

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    1. Hammer On
    The tab below is a snippet from Metallica's - Seek & Destroy.
    Hammer on is a technique used when you want to play two notes in succession but using only one pluck.Here you pluck the note idicated before the standard notation for hammer on (h) and the hit the note indicated after the (h) .

    2. Pull Off
    The complete opposite of hammer on is called so. Here the standard notation is (p) . You have to hit the note indicated before the (p) and pull off the finger to the note indicated after the (p). This is done by placing one finger on the first note and one finger on the second note.

    The Example Below Shows the Use of Hammer On And Pull Off Together

    Seek & Destroy Intro


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  3. jayanth

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    Next Issue i cover sweeping and Finger Exercises
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    Will be waiting...for it...:cool:
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    Welcome aboard, pal. :)
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    THanks. I would love it if all of you here come and subscribe to the newsletter in October . I will give a posting on www.IndiaGuitar.Com
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    Nice post man:shock:
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    Thts music

    Now i must say tht was gud, carry on the gud work.
  9. The Dark Matter

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    Great Explanation. Keep the good stuff comin......
    I've got a few more questions that I will come back to later. Thanks
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    Sure thing...
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    Jay..are u sure thts how S&D is played
    i play it as

    sounds gud!
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