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  1. rajasunda

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    Hey guys,
    I put up a song called introduction a while back and got great feedback. I have redone my song and hopefully made it better! stop the song at 1 min because after there is a muffled up sound which happend when i was converting the song format. The song is called rajesh-introductionpart2-better. please give me feedback! Keoraf please listen to it again and tell me what you feel. Thanks!
  2. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Its played better as the instruments played seems to be in the rhythm and it sounds good.
    But still my question to you, if this should be an introduction, wherefor??? Cause if you want to present yourself with this peace of music, please don't do it. In my opinion, there isn't any kind of cohesion between the played instruments, thats why it still sounds messy, i don't see any kind of line in this peace of music, it seems you played what was in your mind at that moment, that isn't bad but try to finish this project and than maybe we will see some cohesion in this part of music as it will be souding much better!
    Overall it isn't bad but try completing this and to build a clear peace of music!
    Take care man!!!

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