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    Hi, have been on here so heres an intro !!

    I started playing guitar last year Sep. and have fallen in love with it. creating music of my own and playing other songs as well

    IGT has been of great contribution in making me learn guitar other than that. youtube has been a lot of help.

    I have my own channel on youtube and i do some songs when i get the time.

    Please visit my page and post comments and rate them if you life em or dont like em it doesn't matter. leave suggestions AND IF YOU WANNA SEE MORE SUBSRIBE. My viewers are what keep me going and the love for guitar too.

    I would love to help as well so leave me messages or anything if you got any question

    ORiginally from pakistan im in Arizona now.

    HAve a good day.

    good luck with everything

    Bye :D

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