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    Hello all,

    I am Mitesh Patel, a Chemistry graduate and Guitar Enthusiast. My other interests include Movies, Music, Literature, Computer Graphics, Vintage Motorbikes etc.

    I own a Givson Tiger f-hole laminate archtop (18") with a venetian cutaway. I do not play in any band, so you can imagine how good I must be! :)

    I also maintain a blog LuthierDB : A Database of Guitar Makers | Luthiers.
    LuthierDB is a database about Luthiers. Unlike factories such as Gibson, Taylor, Martin etc. luthiers covered here are generally one man shop/operations. The purpose of this blog is to provide information on (hopefully) most luthiers around the globe and direct the readers to the luthier's site, as, there is much more information on luthier's site. However, it's easy to come here and browse through the archives.

    Until now, I have only featured foreign (non-Indian) Luthiers on my blog, but I would like to feature Indian Luthiers on my blog. I will probably post this question on general forum as well, but if you know about any Indian Luthers, Please do let me know by responding to this post or PM.


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