Intro & chords needed of song dil dhadkata hai : darr

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    Hi guys, I want intro & chords of song DIL DHADKATA HAI HOSH UDATA HAI
    from movie Darr or Fear ( well I don't know the name of the movie
    correctly ).

    Please provide me the keyboard version of intro of that song.

    _ thanks
  2. VisOrchestraGrp

    VisOrchestraGrp New Member

    Hello apple singh,

    Well the intro of that song is not that easy. It is a professional like material .

    And you need a big keyboard ( at least of 6 octave ).

    However the sequence of intro is like this -

    Origional scale - A#m ( Bb m )

    Start from middle octave sa (A#m).

    Sa re ga re Re ga ma ga Ga ma pa ma Higher octave Sa .

    Then again start this sequence from higher octave sa to next octave Sa .

    After that play A#m scale in 3 octaves starting from middle octave Sa.

    And the chords of this song is already posted by me earlier.
    Check it out in my chord section - CHORDS ALL THE WAY

    - THANKS

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