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    Hello I just joined in, however due to inability to locate the introductions forum or a means of posting something, finally had to start a new thread.

    To begin with I've just started learning, well over 5 months now; but a very slow learner. Spend weeks on strum patterns, switching between chords, etc. So leaving aside the months count, am pretty much a beginner.

    What I'd like to know is all tabs when

    has these numbers on the string [0 7 9 9 8]....and majority of websites show such way of naming the tabs. I do not understand how to interpret the numbers. Could somebody please tell me how to do it, or provide me with some website url that teaches me to interpret these numbers.

    Well I'm learning from a tutor, but am in a pretty nascent stage; so am trying to learn things at my personal end too. A little bit of guidance would be appreciated!

    Thanks :)
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    If you wud have just looked around for a second, or even searched the forum, you could have gotten the answer pretty easily. There are multiple threads over here on the topic.. one of which is
    hope this helps..
  3. manujosephv

    manujosephv New Member

    by the way..Welcome to IGT .. even I'm a new comer here.. :)
  4. tau25gb

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    Thanks for the swift response

    Hey Manujosephv,

    Thanks for the swift response, guess I need to be a patient a little more.

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