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Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by jawwad, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. jawwad

    jawwad New Member

    Any one who is interested in making a Band. Please only INTERESTED and DEDICATED. Im not at a level of big gun. just to play with couple of dude. Music like roxette, billy idol that sort of stuff.

    Plz let me know if i can find some dedicated guys for band.

  2. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    dont u think u shud mention the location as well??
  3. jawwad

    jawwad New Member

    sorry, i forgot, in Karachi
  4. ^^_Fr|3nD_^^

    ^^_Fr|3nD_^^ New Member

    I M A Left Handed Guitar Player .. In Karachi .. Place For Jaming ?
  5. fahim2003

    fahim2003 New Member

    Specialist Vocal, In karachi ,Need pro band members! where are you located jawwad? I have been singing on TV as a child long ago but now I am seiously thinking abt jumping In.! vocal is 8 out of 10. both Rock and Classical.!

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