Inteha Ho Gayi - Intro, Chords and Strumming Pattern

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  1. nikamma1112

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    It's the time to Bappi!

    Yeah, this beautiful song was composed by the same Bappi who sang "Yaara hai gaana yahi, gaana bajaana yahi, turrrrr turrrr taraaanaa BANG BANG" (!) (Yeah, those were the lyrics he sang in his 'amazing' nasal croak!)

    Bappi Lahiri today is more (in)famous for the Disco songs to which our very own Mithun Da shook his leg, while dressed in jhattak dazzling outfits. But then, he has actually composed a number of beautiful numbers ... most of them with Kishore Da.

    This one is one of them ... Inteha ho gayi intezaar ki from the film Sharabi, wonderful lyrics, great guitar work and mesmerizing Kishore Da ... this song is truely one of Bappi's jewels. <Pun NOT intended> ;)

    Here's the song

    First play the Em chord barred on the seventh fret (779987). Then play the following ...

    -7-7s12-12-12-12--10-12-12s15-15-12-15-15p12-10-10h12-12p10-10s8-7--7-10-10s12-12p10-10s8-7-7h10-7-5-5---5-5-5h7-7s10-10-10s12-12-12p10-10s7-7-5-5h7------- (E string)

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-5- (B string)

    (as in, the whole intro is played on the first string, and the last two notes are played on the fifth fret of the second string ... or one can play the open first string as well ... cannot get the formatting right :shock:)

    Then Kishore sings the 'La la laooooooooo' part, the chords of which are Em D C Bm Bm Em

    [Em]Inteha ho gayi [D], intezar ki [Em],

    [Em]Aaina kuch khabar [D], mere yaar ki [Em],

    [Am]Yeh humein hai yakeen,[D] bewafa woh nahi [F#]

    [F#]Phir wajah kya hui, intezar ki [Em].

    Then, the music plays to which the ffg. chords can be played:

    Em G F# Am Em

    Em D C B

    Am D G B Em

    [Em] Baat jo hai usmein, baat [C] woh nahin yahan kahin [D] kisi mein,

    [D]Woh hai meri bas hai meri, [Bm] shor hai yahin gali gali mein [Em],

    [Em] Saath saath woh hai mere [C] gham mein, mere dil ki har [D] khushi mein,
    [D] Zindagi mein woh nahi to [Bm] kuch nahi hai meri zindagi mein [Em].

    [Em] Bujh na jaaye [D], ye shama [C], aetbaar ki [Em],

    Inteha ho gayi repeats ...

    Then, Asha steps in to lend some wackiness...

    [Em]Ooooo mere sajna [F#], lo [A] main aa gayi [Em]

    Then, the song goes totally crazy :shock: :p:

    Oooo mere sajna, lo main aa gayi

    [Em] Logon ne toh diye honge [F#] bade bade nazrane, [A] layi hu mai tere liye [Em] dil mera
    [Em] Dil yehi maange dua [F#] hum kabhi ho na judaa, [A] tera hai yeh tera rahe [Em] dil mera
    [C] Yeh meri zindagi[D] hai teri [Em]
    [C] Yeh meri zindagi[D] hai teri [Em]

    Tu mera sapna, main tujhe paa gayi
    Oooo mere sajna, lo main aa gayi

    Gham ke andherey dhaley, Bujhey huey sitaare jale, dekha jo tujhe toh dil mein jaan aaye
    Hothon pe taraane jage, armaan deewane jage, baahon mein aake tu aise sharmaaye
    Chaa gayi phir wahi bekhudi
    Chaa gayi phir wahi bekhudi

    (Same as Logon ne toh ...)

    La la la la la la

    Then, the song goes into the sharabi mould again :p: , with the same chords as the mukhda ...

    About the strumming pattern for the song (apart from the crazy part), this is what works for me:

    | Da _ _ | Db _Ub | Db _Ub | Db _ _ | (in the second and third bars, _Ub is played in one beat)

    The above pattern can be explained with the help of this key:
    D=down stroke,U=up stroke, a=4th,5th and 6th strings i.e. the thick strings, b=1st,2nd and 3rd strings i.e. the thin strings

    So Da means a down stroke on the thick strings, Db = down stroke on thin strings, Ub = Up stroke on thin strings.

    The above pattern is a lil confusing as I don't know how to write it without using the semi-circle signs which aren't a part of the keyboard :eek:: but it's basically important to get the timing right ... play along with the song, it should be simple enough ...

    All feedback appreciated ... please do temme whether the intro and chords are right or not!

    - Raj.
  2. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    cool good post. just double up the intro lead with B string too. I will play along your version later tonite and post feedback. thanks for doing this.
  3. jacko

    jacko New Member

    hey jay

    cool work

  4. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :&quot;(


    i guess the cool work was done by nikamma :p:

    hey nikamma
    cool wrk
    Subhro :)
  5. nikamma1112

    nikamma1112 New Member


    Thanks Jacko, if you actually mean't me ;-)

    And thanks Subhro!

    - Raj.
  6. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :&quot;(

    u r welcome dude :)
  7. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Gr8 work man.I play it same way too.It is one of my all time favourite songs. Hats off to Bappi da and Kishore da.
  8. Rahul Rajput

    Rahul Rajput New Member

    hi frd...
    i am just a beginner can u give me the chords of sochta hoon(babul suprio)..

    byeeee... take care
  9. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    @Rahul Rajput, please create a seperate thread requesting the song for which you need the chords.
  10. Nayan

    Nayan .:Humblebee Jumble:.

    Well done nikamma....

  11. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    well done nikamma
    good work
    just one suggestion
    I dont think youve place the chords under the right syllables
    If you can just repost by placing the chords in the right place where it changes, it would be more helpful for the dudes.

  12. nikamma1112

    nikamma1112 New Member

    Thanks ..

    I'll just check it out once again, make the corrections and repost it in awhile.

    - Raj.
  13. nikamma1112

    nikamma1112 New Member

    Rohan and Nayan, thanks a lot :-D

    Rahul, I've heard Sochta Hoon just 2-3 times on TV ... and that too a long time ago. All I remember is that the way it begins is copied from Enrique's Escape. Don't remember whether the rest of the song is similar or not.

    - Raj.
  14. Nayan

    Nayan .:Humblebee Jumble:.

    Good work...

    Tried it on my side and sounds cool... apart from the placement of chords at a few places where it ends witht the Em chord and also in the line ...phir vajah kya hui... as suggested by bandbaaaja...

    repping you mate!!!
  15. thegreathemant

    thegreathemant New Member

    Hello Guys...Thought this might be usefull....too

    Cords of Inteha ho gayi....


    Em D C Bm Am Em
    La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la hmmm...

    Em D Em
    Intehaan ho gayi, intezaar ki,

    Em D Em
    Aaina kuch khabar mere yaar ki,

    Am D
    ye hamey hai yakeen, bewafaa vo nahi,

    F# A Em
    phir vajah kya hui, intezaar ki.


    Em G F# Am Em
    4 beats 4 beats 4 beats 4 beats 2 beats

    Em D C B
    2 beats 2 beats 2 beats 2 beats

    E Am D G B Em
    2 beats 2 beats 2 beats 2 beats 1 beat

    Em C D
    Baat jo hai usme, baat vo nahi yeha kahi kisi me,

    D Bm Em
    vo hai meri bas hai meri, shor hai yehi gali gali me,

    Em C
    Saath-saath vo hai mere gham me,

    mere dil ki har khushi me,

    D Bm Em
    zindagi me vo nahi to kuch nahi hai meri zindagi.

    Em D C Em
    bujh na jaaye, ye shama, aitbaar ki,

    Intehaan ho gayi...

    Fast part:

    Em F# A Em
    Oh, mere sajna, lo mai aa gayi,

    Em F# A
    Logo ne to diye honge bade bade nazrane,

    layi hu mai tere liye dil mera

    Em F# A
    Dil yehi maange dua hum kabhi ho na juda,

    tera hai ye tera rahe dil mera

    C D Em
    Ye meri zindagi hai teri (2).

    Oh, mere....

    A Am B Bm C D E Em

    F# G
  16. kamal_007

    kamal_007 New Member

    hey dude this one's AMAZING song.
    one of my MOST FAVOURITS. i love it & whenever ii hear KISHORE DA's voice it touches me. he's GGRRREEEEAAT.
    thanks for this song to KISHORE DA & u.
  17. prog_man_0101

    prog_man_0101 Dain Bramaged

    nikamma.....can u please record the song post it on will be of great help to newcomers like me.....
  18. manishjhumroo

    manishjhumroo New Member

    good yaar original maja aagaya thanks shuru ki tune ke liye and chords
  19. gnr311982

    gnr311982 New Member

    hey thanks a lot for tha chords
    one of my favourite song
  20. prashant_yadavv

    prashant_yadavv New Member

    hi friends i am having problem in switching frm Em to D in this particular song . can u have some idea how to strumm this song

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