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  1. MagmachilleR

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    hey.. i'm new here.. and i was browsing through the site and found a few clips.. i wanted to know whr the hell do u guys find all these instrumental background tracks from ? the ones u record onto.. i've probably been looking in the wrong places but i just can't seem to find them that conveniently.. could u plz refer me to a website thr is tht u use or some other source whr u get most of ur tracks from..
  2. shantanukr

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    Hey buddy, you can use software named as ' Audacity ' to remove vocals .....

    You can find the download link by using google search .. Happy hunting :)
  3. MagmachilleR

    MagmachilleR New Member

    i already have audacity.. how do u remove the vocals ? don't u have to do it manually by selecting the proper frequency range of the vocals and then trimming it ? but tht creates a really muffled sound and reduces the song's quality.. i want to know whr i can find actual kareoke versions.. like the whole song without vocals and without the reduced quality..
    OR i haven't really tried removing it with audacity, if u think its good enough then its worth a shot.. how do u do it then ?
  4. Kshitij

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    i dont think that is possible

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