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    Tried my hands at installing pickup covers on the two BlueBuckers of my X6SM today. I had ordered a pair of these and 1 Single cover from W D Music U.K. The three with postage cost ~ INR 470/- (5.18 GBP) and arrived within a week through normal post.
    For installation here are the steps i followed:

    1. Put a AAA cell under the FR bridge, removed the locking nut and loosened the strings.
    2. Removed the strings from the bridge end and moved the wires to either side.
    3. Pulled out the pickup after removing the pickup ring(that square thing).
    4. The cover fit like a glove on the pickups. Applied three strips of black insulating tap between the sides, over the lower metalic part of pickup.
    5. Did reverse of steps 3,2,1.

    On a side note the tapes made inserting the bridge pickup trickier on one side, had to apply some pressure to push it in.
    The single pickup cover did not fit (was too small) so i just added a black tape over it to complete the look.



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