India's five year old policeman

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    At a time when most children prepare to go to school, Saurabh Nagvanshi is off to the office.

    Saurabh works at a police station in Raipur, the capital of India's central state of Chhattisgarh. He is five years old.

    He is part of an Indian system that allows a family member to take the post of a government employee who dies while in service.

    There is no age limit and many families have no alternative but to send young children to work to make ends meet.

    Saurabh has to feed a family of five and so his mother, Ishwari Devi Nagvanshi, holds his hand and takes him the 110km (68 miles) from Bilaspur, where they live, to Raipur.

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  2. Nanda

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    This is maddning....... But hope it will atleast them some bread and water.....
  3. wisevijay

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    man thats crazy.....but one has 2 accept what god gives everyone
  4. ajax_ds

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    i guess the have not heard of the concept called Child Labour
  5. nik_bokacheley

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    5 yrs is too less... theives can easily get through him..:p:

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

  7. coolgirl_babe

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    This is so wrong, but for his famiy's survival he needs that money.
  8. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    This is an irony but these children r gems. they go a big way in future.
    We even dunno how many kids even dun have this much.
    lets not discuss much but some day we will hv a revolution in India (for sure)
  9. $cReWdR!veR

    $cReWdR!veR .:: Sweetheart ::.

    those kids really deserve something more better than working at this age...the family should b gettin some kind of compensation instead of the child working.....
  10. Nanda

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    Revolution in India ....... Ha ha ha.... Its impossible this country will need hell lotta time...... With all the jokers haging around..... There is no country in this world which can be considered good...... We are speaking bout child labour .... whtdya think of Macoly Culkin ( Spelling might be wrong) .... He started acting at a very young age giving money to his parents...... is this not child labour.....

    This world is as confusing as what i am trying to convey..... Man its all too messed up.....

    @wisevijay ....... but one has 2 accept what god gives everyone
    No idea why u call yourself wise..... accept wht god gives......
    Why dont 2 sit at home GOD will keep giving u things....... And u keep accepting them.... If its written that u have to live a hundred u dont need to EAT!!!!!!!!!
    Now i understand the meaning of "Ignorance is Bliss".....

    Make me the KING of india .... I shalt give thee deliverance........
  11. xulfi

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    in future that kid will rock whole town coz he was working since childhood and he knows all so he will have all control.if he continues to work in that department i wish kid best of luck pray for him.
  12. Nanda

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    @wisevijay ....... but one has 2 accept what god gives everyone

    Heh he .. Wisevijay hasnt reacted .... Good he practices wht he preaches.... GOD gave him abuse through me ..... and he accepts it ....... "Nice chap isnt he?".......

    HELL_IS_HERE Banned

    Hey, you speak as if you are the god.
  14. wisevijay

    wisevijay newbombayrox

    @ nanda........what i ment with my statement is that the boy has to work to feed his family.he has no other choice.he works he gets money he does not work he does not get money.its as simple as cant leave everything on god like workin hard or eatin or anything like that but if u r born in a family which has a very bad financial status with u being the only one able 2 work u have to accept that n work hard towards improvin it n not sit at home n wait for god to do it.we have to accept what god has given us but then not just sit n do nothing abt opportunites in every difficulty nanda.

    wisevijay aka vijay

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