Indian who flew an unmanned aircraft, eight years before Wright

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    Orville Wright demonstrated on December 17th 1903 that it was possible for a ‘manned heavier than air machine to fly’. But, in 1895, eight years earlier, the Sanskrit scholar Shivkar Bapuji Talpade had designed a basic aircraft called Marutsakthi (meaning Power of Air) based on Vedic technology and had it take off unmanned before a large audience in the Chowpathy beach of Bombay. The importance of the Wright brothers lies in the fact, that it was a manned flight for a distance of 120 feet and Orville Wright became the first man to fly. But Talpade’s unmanned aircraft flew to a height of 1500 feet before crashing down and the historian Evan Koshtka, has described Talpade as the ‘first creator of an aircraft’.
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    well , this is just one of the few things which juss gets hidden because of no govt support or media publicity !!!
  3. jayswami

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    i think its ego-nationalistic crap.
    u hear lot of such stories emnating out of maharastra, read gopal godse's books u will know what i mean..
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    my point is they over glorify evrything.. if vedas were so great.. industrial revolution would have happened in india.. and british would never have conquered india.. there maybe some substance in all of those by 99% is hype.

    .. now i am waiting for the dude who is gonna say lord kubera's puhpaka vimana worked on the same principle.. and brahmastra was fusion missile and ravana cloned his head 10 times.. then died of insomnia cause he couldnt sleep at night because he couldnt turn his head on the bed as there were 10 of them
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    Great Topic!!
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    @jayswami, LOL sir:):)
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    I dont blame u . most of us have this habbit of accepting anything when its done by a GREAT NATION LIKE THE U.S . but when some Idiot indian does it everyone starts questioning .
    There are many inventions for which indians didnt get credit . The radio was invented by Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bose , an Indian . but he never got teh credit.some foreign scientist got it , i dont even rememer his name and i am not interested in knowing him.
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    did i mention anything about usa mr ego-patriot?
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    I don't want to get into any of this .... but Talpade DID get some credit... There is a road crossing in Mumbai which bears his name...That's the most i know.

    I don't want to sound an "ego-patriot" as Jay calls it but there is some substance in these claims...I have read quit a few of the original scriptures and they are not vague descriptions but pretty detailed information.
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    in simple language I can say that INDIANS are great.....
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    There is a thin line seperating an "ego patriot" and a logical person.
    (In this case its abt half an inch in width and a shade of blue in color)
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    why dont they rebuild a working model?
  13. ananth222

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    I thought that was what Talpade did.. the topic of this thread..
  14. drunken_wisdom

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    heheh...well if talpade did get some credit as l_o_e said..i guess it ok then..he got a road named after him and we gottu know bout it...
  15. jayswami

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    no i mean its about an ion engine rt ? which nasa i is building rt now.. so if indian built it 100 years before whats indian govt doing since 57 years of independence?
  16. abhay_saxena

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    well jay. .. . no offence .. . but when u r askin what is the government doing ... what are you doing ? you cannot compare the US of A with India. both the culture as well as the environment is different. if you as the people cannot do anything .. you cannot expect the government to work wonders for you
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    i am not comparing anything to usa. i am just saying that i do not believe in the authenticity of this. when ever an indian makes valied invention or discovery, the government always cashes in on it.. it doesnt let it go waste. if not the government of that country at least rest of the world. if someone invented a ion drive 100 years ago.. can u imagine a scenario where no one took advantage of it..

    1 of the 2 things should have happened..

    1> that dude woulda got credit
    2> someone else woulda stolen the idea and gotten credit..

    neither happened.
    and this was just 100 years ago.

    indians like other cultures take pride in thier achivements and they hype it..
    like anyother culture in this planet.. they think they r the oldest they r the best etc. these happen everywhere not just india...

    I have seen a kiwi version of the same story.. how this new zelanader flew a flying device in 1903
    a french, a german and a japanese version as well.
    google it and see for yourself.
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    well i dont fully agree with you jayswami there !!!

    theres a lot of talent , technology , science in india which is still un explored and undiscovered because many flaws and loop holes in the system ...

    not every discovery get a chance india to get explored and get shadowed most of them ...

    this is one of the reason why indians seeks jobs abroad becuase they want their talents and work to be appreciated and explored , which is not possible in india ...

    talking abt japanese , it is very rare ( though not impossible ) to see any japanese working in a forgien land for a forgien company , if they are - they prefer to work for a japanese company or govt companies abroad ....
  19. jayswami

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    so u believe that this tapale dude build an ion drive in the 19th century based on vidyut vimana shastra or something from thr rig veda?
    by the way the rigveda also has design details of 3 stored armoured vehicles.. which will give the american stupid humvees a run for the money.. they also have designs of building a flying city.. etc etc should solve mumbai's space problem i would say.
  20. light_of_erindi

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    Well the way i see it...may be we don't yet know some of the stuff they used... like there's a mention of using mercury as a fuel for (..ahem!) spacecraft...of which we have absolutely no idea.
    You cannot expect the guys to write it down to every minor details and dimensions of these devices. Besides..these are historical documents...not READMEs of the devices...hence they only mention the kind of technology and not the dimensional specifications...that is what i meant by DETAILS.

    That would be way too much information to pass on to the next it is happening now...we generate tera-bytes of new information every year.

    And as for the ion drives... i don't know whether he built that kind of device... rather i don't think he built that kind of device at all. If u have heard that version of the news... well frankly's exaggerated.

    I happen to know some people who r in touch with Talpade's decendents...tho i havn't met them... perhaps i will meet them once my exams r over...then the picture will be clearer.

    But still i agree that it does not do good to mock westerners who have made some fascinating discoveries...They found it totally on their own applying thought...and u cannot take that away from them.

    As an indian... all i wud like to say is that... instead of dreaming and glorifying our wud be better if we act upon it and restore where it deserves to be.

    "to the NORTH of India lies the Lavana Sagar (salty ocean) near the shores of Kuru (Punjab of today)"

    "There are people of many castes and creeds in Bhaarata (India) DWEEPA (island)"

    These are verses in the Bhu-Vana Varnan (Description of land and forests)section of Vaayu Puraana... now if some one had said it was true before plate tectonics was discovered...he wud have been mocked.
    Now we indeed know that there was an ocean to the north of India instead of Himalayas when India was an island... :think:

    There r loads more...

    Just thought ... it wud be more apt to give something factual instead of shooting in the dark..!! :cool:

    Cheers !!

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