Indian raagas on guitar

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    This is called "Dus That" in Indian Classical Music.
    The scale is C.

    1. Raag Bilawal: C D E F G A B C

    2. Raag Yaman: C D E F# G A B C

    3. Raag Khammaj: C D E F G A Bb C

    4. Raag Kaafi: C D Eb F G A Bb C

    5. Raag Bhairav: C Db E F G Ab B C

    6. Raag Purvi Thaat: C Db E F# G Ab B C

    7. Raag Tori: C Db Eb F# G Ab B C

    8. Raag Marwa: C Db E F# G A B C

    9. Raag Asavari: C D Eb F G Ab Bb C

    10. Raag Bhairavi: C Db Eb F G Ab Bb C
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    thx for ragas

    Thanks! i am a new learner here and i am quiet fascinated by Indian ragas! I am trying to learn some ragas and this post of you will really help me. Thanks again dude!

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    awwsomeee as helll dude!...
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    would you help me in playing raag bilawal or other AS u POsted their notes... n wat's dus tht
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    Well can you explain me how to play it, would it be possible to send me actually the tab chart if possible with frets and numbers.
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    I am also a guitar player but this is first time I am coming across Indian Ragas on Guitar. Great Dude. Keep up the good work.
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    great buddy.. can you post one or two songs which are based on these ragas..
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    wat d hell is dis dude???
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    work gooooood...

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