Indian Idol VS SaReGaMa

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Which show do you like better?

  1. Indian Idol

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  2. SaReGaMaPa Challenge

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  1. skaw

    skaw snooze

    I don't know how many of you are even interested in reality shows but I for one, never was. Even now, I barely ever watch a reality show, just because it has so much acted out sequences and hence it loses its purpose "Reality Show."

    I actually got interested in watching Indian Idol because I'm a music guy and it was nice to see normal people getting new standards. Then I watched a episode of SaReGaMa and that seemed quiet similar but just a tad bit better because there were people from Pakistan in it and I could relate because I'm from Pakistan as well. It was nice to watch both shows for a while until Indian Idol became fully drama while SaReGaMa had its little drama flare to it.

    Indian Idol
    Who does not know that the judges do a drama up there? Like really, either learn to act better or don't do it at all.

    The bad suspense - wow, they really need to work on that. It's real people up there waiting to hear a decision that is about to either make them go another step forward in life, or whether their chance has just come to an end. How dare does one toy with emotions like that, every single time?

    Anu Malik. I believe many would agree when I say - Anu Malik is not 'that' great. Yes, he has gotten his hands on some real good music but you cannot say he's consistent. I, personally would say Anu Malik should drop on his knees in front of Javaid Akhter because Mr. Akhter has done far better than he has in his years of work. Despite the fact that it is only a personal opinion, I would still like to say that he has stepped far out of his league many times during the show.

    Lastly, I think many of us know the lip-singing (lip-syncing) which occurred at the finale. At the last show, they decided to drop dead cheap. Surprisingly, Sukhwinder had 2 sing. Yes, if you did not know, every top 11 contestant were lip-singing (lip-syncing) except Deepali and Charu with their little singing session with Sukhwinder. Sadly, Sandeep (previous Indian Idol) had his own lip-singing (lip-syncing) show set up. Good job insulting our intelligence.

    I can't being from the start of the season because neither did I start watching it from then and neither do I have the time to cover it all.
    This show definitely carries a true potential of the public. With extremely hardworking and good singers, this show also carries a group of infamous Gurus.

    There really isn't much downside of the show. The only drama in this show is a love triangle between Sumedha, Amanat and Aneek. Personally, by the look on their faces it becomes quiet obvious that there isn't anything real. Once many people realize that, the drama then becomes a joke. Sadly, Mr. Himesh failed to realize that.

    After extreme eliminations, there are now left 4 people. Unlike Indian Idol, SaReGaMa filled their left over show time by another performance by the contestants. In Indian Idol, the host herself said that there was still some show time left so a movie had to be played about the contestants daily life.

    I will agree that I have not brought a fair fight to Indian Idol and that SaReGaMa carries more faults than listed. Regardless, I think we can agree that Indian Idol insults my intelligence by having judges that would either favour a poor performance or disapprove of a good one. If that wasn't enough, they decided to throw an hour of lip-singing (lip-syncing) at me just to lengthen the show time.
    Not only that, but also a shocker was sent my way when the vote count went from 4 corer to 7 corer within half hour. As much as I would like to believe it, I don't. SaReGaMa has the highest TRP and receives less than 1 corer vote per week from world wide. Indian Idol that didn't receive 4 corer votes ever before have not suddenly reached 7 corer. Yes, that does mean 70 million and if calculated with 25 paisa per vote, we total 17 500 000 Rs. You have got to be kidding me - in one voting, a show earns 1.7 corer Rupees? So Indian Idol made 12 lakh 50 hazar per week (considering the get at least 50 lakh votes like SaReGaMa per week). So for finals, Indian Idol made more than the entire season? Its possible, but I refuse to believe it. I mean, if they can throw lip-singing at me then the might as well consider me that dumb.
  2. nytysa

    nytysa New Member

    hey really well written ......... well i hail 4rm sikkim where people r crazy over these reality shows n spends lots of money into these.well i noticed the lip synching!

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