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  1. hanns

    hanns New Member

    Why on earth is there no hindi website which s h o w s guitar tablatures instead of requesting them?????

    If I'm searching for lets say: 'stairway to heaven' I get dozens of tab and accord versions.

    If I'm looking for (om) jai jag(a)dish hare, I'm totally lost. Pleeeease help me!

    We are fond of hindi movies like K3G, what about movie songs as gutiar tabs. Do I also need to request every single song?

    Hanns :))
  2. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    Hanns i see u r new here...this site was made for helping guitarist find tabs and chords of hindi songs. There are "TABS" on the site SEARCH for it on the site!!! If you hadnt wasted time writing this stupid thread u would have realised the admin and others are already working on an alphabetical listing of tabs(check chitchat for details) !!!

    IGT makes its member post a request tabs for songs and such because not everybody here knows how to tab songs so they request for the songs they want tabbed and if somone can do it he usually replies with posting tabs of the requested song.

    I dont understand what the hell ur trying to say.

    Yes u need to request for the songs u want tabbed sry we dont have telepathy to figure out what songs ppl want so they have to request.
  3. preezer369

    preezer369 New Member

    pshhhh...i agree with u red...n hanns plz try not request tabs for a song that is already posted (it makes every1 mad)...

    helpful info:
    1:clyk on SEARCH
    2:type in song/movie/or part of the song (usually shud come up unless it is not on the site)
    3:look to see what thread may have the tabs/chords u wanted...(the threads are labeled 99% of the time...)
    4:hopefully the tabs work for u n if they dont reply to the tab n say whatever u want...

    u can view new posts and threads by clyking on NEW.

    i hope that helped a bit...tell me if u need anything else

  4. scot_hacker

    scot_hacker New Member


    Are we having a flamewar here?

    Hanns dude this is basically a forum for posting and requesting tabs. It is NOT, by origin, a site where tabs are just posted and viewed and forgotten about. You might find sites which are like that, then again you may not.

    Movie songs ARE posted in the forums. Browse them or search the site if you don't have time ;)

    You can request a gazillion songs in one single thread.
  5. learningguitar2

    learningguitar2 New Member

    jaya jagadeesha hare - Chords and notes


    But IGT will not allow to post the link, but you can check out the site , it has some chords, Midi files , you need to search

    the songs you asked is a easy song, it goes in the same prog......... Gurus Corrections appreciated

    Om jaya jagadeesha hare, Swami jaya jagadeesha hare 
    ps s s  s s srsn   s r   r  g  m p  p p d pm   g mr 
    C                    G         C        F        G 
    Bhakta janana ke sankata, Dena janana ke sankata 
    r  gr  g m m  g  rgrs s   rgr  g m m  g  rgrs s 
    G        G7      C        G      G7      C 
    Kshana mei dura kare, Om jaya jagadesha hare 
    n   s  r   grs  n sd  dr r r  r r grs   n s 
    .               .  .  .                 . 
    G                 F      G                C 

  6. sumit

    sumit HaNdS uPPP!!

    y dont u search for ur song quoted in between by " " .......
  7. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    hey dude , we have noted the points , juss put in ur grievances at the feedback forum and it will surely be attended ...

    KADLAN New Member

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