Indian folk song - Mast Qalander....

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  1. kooldudemax

    kooldudemax New Member

    Hey guyz ths is my recording of the indian folk song "duma dum mast qalander"......was a tough song to sing.....playd tht back beat using my dabba guitar.......hope u all like it.....

    wud b lukin forward 2 sum feedbacks......

    Music speaks what cannot be expressed ,
    soothes the mind and gives it rest ,
    heals the heart and makes it whole ,
    flows from heaven to the soul...
  2. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    A good effort man, it sounds good as i think you did a good job.
    Good guitaring and good vocals aswell, except the higher parts, its sung good but the sound is clipping and thats because you raised your voice, while doing that you should take away the mic a bit!!! Hope to hear the full version someday man!
    Heard you other songs too, they are good, just the recording is a little bad, try to use some effects, an equalizer would be good cause the sound is sounding dull, lack of higher frequencies, i hope you know what i try to say!!
    Overall you are doing a very good job man, take care and keep posting man!
  3. Shashank007

    Shashank007 Extremist

    Indeed very good effort......i loved the guitaring...vocals were good too...How u envolved that "many people effect" (u knw wht i mean) ???...keep it up man !!!

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