Indian classical guitar in U.S.

Discussion in 'Carnatic Music of South India' started by cosmic_charm, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. cosmic_charm

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    I am very keen on learning indian classical guitar. I was leaning more toward hindustani but i like carnatic guitar also. Could someone tell me where in U.S. this is taught?
    Also in India is it taught anywhere other than Pt. Debashish Bhattacharya's school?
  2. bt_phani

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    hi,iam a fellow enthusiast of carnatic guitar,it is difficult to find teachers of carnatic guitar unless u r from chennai,so since i live in hyd,and my mom being a classical musician,i have developed my own style of playing my electric guitar the carnatic way! i tune it to pa-sa-pa-sa-pa since it gives me range and flexibility. if ur from hyd,i might help u out ,since i take guitar classes to 2 students.
  3. ganesh_ranjan

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    Hey !! Can you tell me how exactly are the strings of your guitar tuned? I used to play the violin. I am now learning the guitar. If I can tune my guitar to replicate the setup of the violin, I can start experimenting with carnatic songs on the guitar.

    Thanks in advance for your reply
  4. saptaswaramusic

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