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  1. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Dear all,
    This is one of my favorite self composition.It tells about the previous life of mine...when i was engaged with my sweetheart SUCHISMITA DEY (TINNI). One day after we fell apart,i didnt go to office due to heavy mental setback.I was all alone in my room,strumming my guitar with some sad tunes...mainly some sad songs of Kishore Kumar.Suddenly i found that...what if..i could be much happier after the relation is over(cause the last month of our relation was just dragging!!)...i started to remember the good things of our relation..suddenly my eyes twinkle like glittering gloves..and i started strumming my guitar in a better way...some fast licks with heavy power chords...suddenly i noticed i was playing a tune which is very powerful in describing the whole situation with her.I started to write the notations immediately.And after 4 1/2 months later...i came up with this tune.I played it on this puja in a competition...where i stood first!!Not only i played this one...but i also played...some of the below mentioned tunes too....

    For the love of God (Steve Vai)

    Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)


    Rim Jhim Gire Sawan (Kishore)....The first two rounds were of my choice to show you can play the guitar!!!!!!!!!! The next was judges round.
    I played the tune on the final round where everybody,except my parents,told me not to play the tune (ANIRBAN...I MEAN YOU REALLY!!)...if i want to get a prize!! But i mplayed what my heart said,not my brain...Reaction ???!!! Crowd was spellbound....i was so so happy...not just because this was my self composition,but it consist my everlasting love SUCHI....

    Please let me know how do you like it....I will post the picture of my performance after a day or two...i have given it to my friend to scan those.

    If anyone need this let me's fun playing this it consist...Hammer-On's,Pull Off's,Trills,Tapping,Bending,B & R,Finger streching and many more.....

    Deb7,Nik,Sayan,Lefty,Saptashaw,Debankan & many many other of my brothers here in let me know plz how do you like it...

    Here's the Link...

    Thanks in advance,

    With Warm Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
  2. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    hey nice one dude,,,

    But doesnt sounds sad or depressing ..seems to b motivating u to wake up n walk ahead in life.
  3. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker


    Yeah..absolutely pal....i have noted it without any sort of pain inside me...i tried to keep it as a search for a better life..where i can/will find her again!!

    Thanks vry vry much pal....

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
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  4. Acoustic_Allure

    Acoustic_Allure New Member

    It is really nice...reps for you!!!

    But dude, I do not agree with you the end....
    Don't try to change never works...
    ...a person who loves music ...cannot sustain without it...
    have you ever seen a fish who can survive without water in the long run?

    Sorry to be personal but I think...sometimes experiences should motivate...!
    If you quit playing artist is sacrificing his art!

    Thanks and well done
  5. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Rightly said pal....i will remove it..."have you ever seen a fish who can survive without water in the long run?".....GREAT WORDS !!!!!! Thanks pal for motivating me...i was really depressed!!!

    With warm regards,
    Arindam Ray.
  6. Acoustic_Allure

    Acoustic_Allure New Member

    No worries mate...
    'A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle'
  7. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Woooooowwwwww.....another one by my brother.......let me ask you something pal...rather brother.....r u a writer/poet ?......U r really making me feel like i have found another brother here at IGT....

    Thanks pal...right now iam changing my sig...then i'll read your PM....

    With Regards,
    Ariondam Ray.
  8. Acoustic_Allure

    Acoustic_Allure New Member

    I am none...if I tell you my wont believe.

    I was just trying to help you!
  9. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Well...and what's that...i wont b surprised as iam done with this word a whole lot of times...but you are a philanthropist thats goes without saying.....

    Arindam Ray
  10. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    :)Darun hoyeche..Shunlaam .. bhalo elec. effect achhe.. Ami oto sob bujhi na..:eek::..Ami kono dinOO electric bajai ni..taii..

  11. Strat

    Strat Floydian

    Just heard it Arindam-da. Phenomenal hoyechhe... :beer:

    The fast places are really awesome!! Good effects too...

    Aro erakam kichhu upload koro please...
  12. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    :) Na tumi acoustic kichu upload koro..;) bhalo bending tending diye..;)

  13. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker


    Thanks everyone...specially when i see that when my solo self composion which consist of getting this sort of reps....SUCHI wont be coming back...i know that..but atleast thats giving me the creativity ideas!!

    With warm Regards,
    Arindam Ray.

    P.S....nik...ami NISHYO gunta both electric & acoustic version post korbo 3 din porei....
  14. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker


    Opsyyy..i forgot to mention that...i have dedicated this song to SUCHISMITA DEY...TINNI...atleast I have done something for you ..!!!

    Be Happy for the rest of your life !!

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.

    SCORPIO `~(^$ceRtiFieD MaD$^)~`

    WONDERfuL LEaD !!! oto fast ami bajatei parbo na !! :beer: nishwo gaantar complete tabs esp. middle part-tao post korte bhulbe na kintu ...... ;)
  16. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Sorry brother..but ought to tell you..that you havnt tried ever how fast you can actually play...

    Well lets get to the these 3 pracs as much as fast as you can..picking slowly...remember..the "Fast Playing" technique actually lies upon 4 things mainly...

    i) Hold your breath lightly...nobody's going to eat you if you fail!!
    ii) Dont bother if for the first few times you hit other strings...but ALWAYS LOOK AT YOUR FRET...NEVER EVER LOOK BACK AT YOUR STRINGS..THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE GONNA HIT.....ITS A GREAT MISTAKE....
    iii) Strumming should be always a mixture of Up & down strokes...not just down strokes...
    iv) Use a light plectrum for this type of fast lead...a fender .40 will do a hell good...

    Now the pracs....

    1).......DO THIS REGULARLY..




    b for BEND....

    Hey let me ask you all...assuming that all of you use the 4th finger (pinky).....tell me one simple thing....

    Suppose the 2string 12th fret note is B.......Now you'll play the 13th one can bend the B note to get the sound of C (13th fret note)....NOW MY POINT IS...HAVE EVER TRIED THAT WITH ALL YOUR FOUR FINGERS EVER ?????? SEE WHAT PINKY HAS TO SAY ABOUT IT ...!!!!

    With regards,
    Arindam Ray.
  17. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    :) A good exercise..;)..Will surely practise it..

  18. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Thanks Nik...

    Yeah do practice these pracs..when finished let me know..i'll give you more.....if you wish....!!!

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
  19. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God prob with uploading it on soundclick or megaupload..
  20. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    I think now the link is unavailable..i'll upload it again & provide the link here...anyway so far all of you who have heard the music...have anyone yet tried to play it ?????

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.

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