In Parting

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    Here's to closure, to everyone who means anything to me!

    In Parting...
    Life is an open book,
    and there's lots on my desk
    waiting to be told, covered in dust,
    waiting to be laid to rest.

    You, who came to life,
    and never blossomed beyond a breath.
    Turned to poison,
    and hacked to a slow death.
    My betrayal would seem heartbreaking,
    my heart was of stone, of naivete.

    You, who were my friend for a day,
    because we were too unknown to be there.
    Every man is a stranger,
    until what's strange will disappear.

    You, who were only wrong in time,
    for I was true but fleeting.
    My dreams were you in REM,
    but I was only sleeping.
    It's my fault that you didn't wait,
    until I woke up screaming.
    I only had the chance to remorse,
    never for a glance, nor for a solitary greeting.

    You, who never gave up,
    who threw me off the faux moral high.
    Showed me reality as I lay covered in my own grime,
    kicked me hard in the face, and made me cry.
    Only to grow strong, hungry and content,
    as I look proudly to the skies
    and walk with you,
    living my dream without repent.

    And (all of) you! Who were only there,
    to be the ears of my despair.
    Of stories untold, ramblings and perspectives,
    Said unto you, without a care.
    I wouldn't have been myself today,
    without your raindrops soaking my hair,
    and drenching my soul, unaware.

    As I climb the stairs, upward and onward,
    I write your epilogues, one at a time.
    There is a lot more to be said,
    maybe in a different rhyme.
    Your books have given me purpose, and
    I would read yours to you, if you read me mine.
  2. :) wow ...ur skill of writing a poetic story blossoms with every new creation.. i liked this lines "every man is a stranger until whats strange disappears"

    keep posting
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    Thank you mon-mon!


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