In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein - Jodhaa Akbar - Chords

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    Hi guys/gals,

    Yet another masterpiece by A.R.Rahman - In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein...

    In addition to the chords, I have also recorded a demo to illustrate the beat structure (strumming) and the chord transitions.

    Here is the recording (Right click and save as target - 4 MB):

    And the chords:

    Please post your comments/suggestions/critiques

    Chord Chart:
    Capo 6th
    A7sus4	x02030
    G	320033
    G*	3x0033
    G**	300033
    Csus2	x30030
    Cadd9	x32033
    Cadd9*  x3x033
    D/F#	200230
    Em7	020033
    | G	| G	| Cadd9	| G	|
    In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein, Paakeezah Se Rishtein Hain
    | G	| G	| Cadd9	| G	|
    Koi Kalma Mohabbat Ka, Dohraate Farishtein Hain
    | A7sus2| A7sus2| Csus2 | D/F#	|
    Khamosh Si Hai Zameen, Hairaan Sa Falak Hain
    | A7sus2| A7sus2| Csus2 | D/F#	|
    Ek Noor Hi Noor Sa Ab Aasman Talak Hain
    | G	| G	|
    | G*	| G*	| Cadd9*| Cadd9*|
    Nagmein Hi Nagmein Hai Jaagti Soti Fizaaon Mein
    | Em7	| Em7	| G**	| G**	|
    Husn Hain Sari Adaaon Mein, Ishq Hain Jaise Hawaaon Mein --2x
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    thanx man gr8
  3. DJCrunkMix

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    Oh jeez...plz ignore the pathetic voice of mine and serious lack of singing skills...I just recorded a piece to show how its

    Seems like the timings are bit off ... but its hasn't been long enough for me to really consume the texture of the song. Quite complicated to sing, infact. I will get there...eventually...argggg!
  4. rockyyy

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    man nice one but if u please tab the intro........
  5. petrifiedpimp

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    pretty good
  6. mctwists

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    yes please, can you tab the intro? and the "ohhh naghumahi naghumani..." part at 1:18 in the song?
    like, all that stuff..

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