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    This is Guruprasad and Sriram posting from Bangalore; last week, i was walking down CMH road, and saw a guitar shop...someone was playing "ilayanila", purely drawn by it went to the shop, and purchased the guitar for Rs 2000.
    NOw that we had the guitar, what to do? Noticed "jesus school of music" on double road. Called up the number, guitar sir told the class timings and fees...asked him if I could come the same day, he said yes. My son - Sriram - who was next to me, said he wants to learn guitar as off we went to the class...Sir was reluctant to put my son through first. Then seeing his enthusiasm, he enrolled both of us...2 classes later, both of us can play "happy birthday", and thanks to guitartab, learnt "twinkle twinkle" also...
    can someone give simple tabs for any simple tamil song?
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    LOL, and welcome to the club.
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    hi thanks...

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