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    Please take notice ... for musicians, music labels, event organisations ...
    Raga CDs of the month @ IMCRadio.Net ... pentatonic ragas – 5 notes scale
    broadcasting: 24hx7d as podcast / MP3 download (available: 12/25/2006 - 15:00 METZ)

    (FHH-12/21/2006) - The pentatonical ragas (scale of notes with five tones) are far common in India, equally in North Indian Classic (Hindustani) as in South Indian Music (Carnatic). The pentatonical ragas create a multi layered spectrum, a musical taste which can be regognized easily by the listeners. It is attributed a magical power to these ragas ...

    Note: IMC OnAir is the single all years programme for Indian Classical Music in the whole German language area (DE/A/CH). - And presents in it's monthly broadcasting shows some deeper knowledge about the history, form and framework of India's music system (North Indian Classic / Hindustani).
    From listeners side no basic knowledge is required to enjoy the broadcasting shows of IMCRadio.Net. All high quality studio productions can be listened independently of time and place 24hx7days as podcast or phonecast. Via the two language website (ENG/DE) the moderation text scripts are available as PDF download for re-reading.

    ... see all former IMC shows documented online: "archive" @ IMCRadio.NET :

    ( 1 ) CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (12/2006): pentatonical ragas (5 notes scales)

    The material of notes originally was used for religious ceremonies and rites in many cultures of our world... first it had consisted of only two tones, was developed to three tone scales and progressed in the antique Greece to a scale of four tones (tetra chord system).
    A more differentiated scaling form of the five tone music (so called pentatonic) was formed particularly in East and South Asia, in front in China, Japan and India. Also in Blues and Afro American music the 5 tone scheme is in practice.

    Contrary to our western music culture the Indian classical Music and the raga-s aim at an atmospheric sound picture by instrumental or vocal improvisation to connect with certain feelings, tendencyfully paintings conveying a special atmosphere and with emotional expressions.

    The 5 tone raga Malkauns for example reflects a portrait of the dark, secret one and is helping to a menthal stabilization. The Raga Durga carries the names of the ambivalent, semi terrible hindustic goddess Durga. The penthatonic raga Bhupali is awarded a healing, positive effect, which shifts the listener into an easy, joyfully and relaxed tension.

    The topic of IMC OnAir’s December show closes itself to both productions of October and November (evening and night ragas, part 1 and 2). New listening examples show some five tone ragas, so called pentatonic ragas, which are played as evening / midnight ragas or after midnight till the early morning hours (dawn).
    On 25th December IMC OnAir presents it’s Christmas Special 2006 and the Indian vocal duos Rajan and Sajan Mishra, Salamat & Nazakat Ali Khan, which became famous as the ‘The Ali Brothers’ (Khyal) and further Indian music maestros on the Sitar, Shenhai and Indian flute (Bamboo)...

    Listening examples (MPEG3) ...

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    (3) O V E R V I E W O F T H E M E S / C O M I N G N E X T ...

    Following the theme headlines in 2006 like spring ragas, morning ragas (part 1 and 2), afternoon, evening / night ragas (part 1 and 2) and pentatonic ragas IMC OnAir will broadcast from January 2007 on ragas following the time system (play cycle of day and night time, saisonal ragas) in the Indian music system ...

    ! Notice nexte date of broadcasting:
    Raga CDs of the Months – 22nd January 2007 !


    The IMC team wishes you a Holy & Blessed Christmas, a Happy New Year and enjoyable listening of Indian Classical Music in 2007!

    Sincerely yours
    IMC - India meets Classic presents ...
    - a broadcasting show for Indian Classical Music

    Mr. Lothar J.R. Maier
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