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    Raga CDs of the month @ IMCRadio.Net ... A L L D A Y R A G A S
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    (FHH-01/22/2007) - The promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic presents in its first broadcasting show in 2007 the theme >all day ragas<. For the >all day ragas< it is characteristic to be assigned to the light classical period (Indian Light Classical Music).

    ( 1 ) Raga CDs of the Months (01/2007): A L L D A Y R A G A S

    In different sources of literature the Ragas Pilu (o. Piloo), Kafi, Mand, Dhani or the Raga Bhairavi are listed as the so called >>all day ragas<< (notes: IMC OnAir already presented the Raga Bhairavi in on of it’s broadcasting shows of 2006 “morning ragas” => -> “archive”).

    IMC OnAir presents examples of Raga (Mishra) Pilu or Raga Kafi on the Sarod, Sitar and Tabla ... and another example of India`s Vocal (Thumri – Hori composition).

    Raga Pilu is a five tone raga, with a pentatonical scale and Raga Kafi is a seven note raga (SA, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni and the SA’ on octave higher), a complete Raga, so called ”sanpoorna” ...

    Apart from the instrumental music in Hindustani, in the North Indian Classical style, there exists the Indian Vocal Music. Here we also regain the form of the >>all day ragas<<. For example in the Thumri singing and Dadra, a nuance of the Thumri-s. The same as Raga Pilu and Kafi both Thumri and Dadra belong to the Light Indian Classical music. Thumri-s are used for the romantic expression. The Thumri style was born in Lucknow, till 1856 the cultural metropole of India. An off-quoted couplet by poet Hazarat Nasikh goes as follows:

    Lucknow ham pe fida,
    ham fida-e-Lucknow,
    kya hai taakat-e-aasmanki
    jo hamse chudaye Lucknow!

    (Lucknow is in love with me,
    and I am in love with Lucknow,
    No force on earth can
    separate me from Lucknow!)

    Today IMC - India meets Classic presents the Thumri Queen of India: Samanta Shobha Shirodkar Gurtu with „Main To Kheloongi Un Sang Hori“, a Hori composition (note: Hori compositions describe the fun and the happyness of the color feast Holi (= Indian spring celebration). Shobha Gurtu is accompanied of the incomparable Purushottam Walawalkar on the harmonium, Sultan Khan on the Sarangi and Sabir Khan, Tabla.

    Further on the sarod legend Ali Akbar Khan demonstrates as a solist and in a Jugalbandi (Indian duett) with Pandit Ravi Shankar on the Sitar the >>all day ragas<<. And Shankar is accompanied by his path follower of many years, Allah Rakha. The Indian ’Johann Sebastian Bach’, as he was called by Sir Yehudin Menuhin with deep respect played with R. Shankar on international concert stages for many years (e.g. at the famous Woodstock Festival in 1969).

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