Imagination --- Lyric by my friend

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    She is the one that I loved so much
    She is the one that I have so deeply touched
    I made a mistake, I didn't realize, I was rushing
    Now all I can do is watch my life crushing
    I lay her distressed, made the wrong decision
    But she is gone; there is no one who will show me affection

    I have craved for her since the time I have seen her
    But now after all this she has gone away so far
    All the tears that are rolling down my cheeks to my chin
    I wish she was here right now, firmly holding me in

    Such an Angel she is, such a beautiful girl
    She is the only one, there is no one else in the world
    I feel unprotected, I need her protection
    But I know she won't come, its all just imagination.

    .... one of my friend wrote it... and i m working on it; i mean trying out for singing it...:) ... send me fb if u like the lyric.

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