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    Images,floating through my mind,
    I need to tell you,I did it because I love you,
    Never meant to hurt you,the pain is just too much,
    Just want you to trust in me again,
    Words coming straight from my heart,
    Holding you for eternity,
    This moment seems endless,
    I feel your pain and you feel mine,
    We both know we can’t hide our fears to eachother,
    But still images flash through my head,
    The images,they just won’t go away,
    Every time we fall back down,the images get stronger,
    All I can do is hold you and remain silent,
    We breathe in and out,a repeating process,
    Everything stays the same,but still it feels new,
    You know my feelings and I know yours,
    The only thing I fear…will you trust me again?
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    unhhhhhhhhhhhh hunnnnnnnnnnnn
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    ohhhh...nadish!!!! alway trying 2 post something 2 make points.....!!!!
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    nice poem Nirvanafreak.....

    if ur havin any kinda problems hope they'r sorted out...


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