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    People, I haven't been through pro training on guitar. I just learnt it from my friend in an about 5 week span, the basics, & started learning on my own.
    My friend gave me chord combinations for practice; combinations like Cmajor- Fmajor- G7, Dmajor-Gmajor-A7...and so on; and in a similar way for the Minor chords too. My problem is that I have no idea about these combinations and for other chords like sus chords, maj7, min7, etc what are the combinations that I need to follow for easy shifting between chords. Please suggest!!!
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    5 weeks is quite early for you to be thinking about all this.
    dont worry in course of time you will understand why a particular combination has been suggested. and after a while u will also come to know that for each song there is a different combo that may be required, which is why one song sounds different from another.

    earlier during the blues and rock n roll days many songs were based on a standard pattern. for instance u may find 1000 songs in the C - Am - F - G pattern.

    about the other chords that is major 7, minor 7 suspended, diminished, augmented etc. please dont worry about it now.

    first take one chord, say the C chord.
    find out
    1. why it is called the C chord
    2. why is it a C major
    3. how many different notes are played in this one chord
    4. why are only these notes played and not anything else
    5. what is the C major scale
    6. what notes make the C major scale
    7. why?

    once u figure this out, u would have figured out everything about ALL MAJOR CHORDS, then shift to minor, then sevenths.

    After this, understand chord progression why one chord after another?
    and so on
    then move to the accidental chords like major 7, augmented, diminished etc
    (accidental because they are not frequently used and are only used in particular places in some songs )

    and so on.....
    it takes years.....

    for what you already know in 5 weeks - its cool, relax
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