i'm a drummer in noida

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by scientificshiv, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. scientificshiv

    scientificshiv New Member

    i'm an avid drummer in noida who wants to join a band.............i'm not that good of a drummer cause i don't have one in my home.............but there is a jam room in the neighbour hood where i practice sometimes.

    give me a chance and you'll never regret it.

    genre : alt/punk/hard rock
  2. eggaaat

    eggaaat New Member

    Are you still available?

    Hey I am a guitarist and vocalist.....and i have one more friend who can play guitar.....We both are good enough.
    I live in noida....I am more into punk rock(green day stuff)....curruntly working on JESUS of suburbia from american idiot.....
    If you are still available give me a call on 7838858583....We can talk then-!
  3. crasherdgrate

    crasherdgrate New Member

    I like Green Day. But their 3 early albums, 'Kerplunk', 'Dookie' and 'Insomniac'.

    I am a guitarist myself. And live close to Noida. Where do you put up? We can jam sometime at a Jampad at Okhla. Who's in?
  4. eggaaat

    eggaaat New Member

    Hey i put up in noida......If you like Dookie...We can jam on Basket Case....Let me know when you are available-!
  5. crasherdgrate

    crasherdgrate New Member

    Hey there.
    Anybody still looking forward to form a band?
    Required: Bassist, vocalist (or someone who can do both) and Drummer.
    Noobies/starters are fine as well
    Preferences: As stated, somebody who likes old Green Day and related stuff.

    Inbox/reply soon!

    Looking forward to jam.

    Contact number: 9891224991
  6. ap_itbhu

    ap_itbhu New Member

    I also live in Noida... I play guitar and wishing to form a fusion band... Anybody willing to join in, you are most welcome. Please contact me @ ap.itbhu@gmail.com.

  7. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    I'm coming to noida at may 2 and wanna jam serious..
  8. Amit d Rockstar

    Amit d Rockstar New Member

    Hey, how u r doing buddy? I have really been looking for a drummer and there u r!! I am a guitarist(Rythm) and Vocalist. My genre are Rock, Classic rock, alternative and yeah sufi rock too. I used to have a band earlier, but our drummer left us for abroad studies, since then we are looking for a new drummer. I live in Vasundhara, but earlier I was putting up in NOIDA sec-20 itself. I hope and pray that you are still looking for a band to form, if it is so then contact me- my no. 8826032958

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