...I'll Take You...

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  1. Petunia

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    Have you ever flown to a place
    where the square clouds are pink and green-flourescent yellow and orange?
    Where the grass is blue and giraffes fly deep into the ground;
    where the bunnies talk and snakes walk;
    where the rocks dont sleep and your eyes are kaleidoscopes.

    Have you ever been to that place
    where the people sing silence and the music doesnt stop.
    where the water is sweet; and the milk is dry;
    where you can fly away and reach the stars;
    where your heart pounds in your mouth and there's ecstasy.

    I can take you there..stay with me.
    Ill take you..to a place where we can be free.

    ..think i was taking something when i wrote this. :grin: HINT HINT WINK WINK!!
  2. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    ^^sht......I feel like m drunk :annoyed: ...............wll reply when the hangover is gone..........

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