I'll miss it :'(

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  1. sukriti_hats

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    it ain't a poem...but it's just something. Just sharing. Old memories...

    A strange meeting. I said “Hi”. He said the same. A before-dinner-chat for half an hour. Took a small marathi lesson frm him. Learned how to abuse in marathi (nanachi tang). Mom shouted. Dad scolded. Lappy closed. More half hour chats- for 2 days. Searching info for competition at skool- used as an excuse to chat at night. Chatted for 5 hrs!!! Beautiful night. Dark room. Bright lappy screen. News updates. Played rhyming game. Cracked faltu PJs. Had lots of fun. He sang ‘aye khuda’ as a lullaby to me. Translated ‘aye khuda’ in English. Gentle pats on my head. Magic!!! I fell asleep. Few days- no chats. Tragedies. His over-possessive but sweet ex, caring sis n mom, strict dad, messed up career. Caressed his heart. Tried to heal it. Repair of his 23 yrs old fan. Hot weather. Melting cornetto. Me- damn slow eater. Teased me. Called me a ‘kid’. Asked for my guitar’s pics ( which I always forgot to send). Commenting on each other’s pics. Telling who’s cuter. He- outscoring every1 in xam. Me- praising him. Virtual hugs. His “I’ve started going to gym”. Long “bye, take care” sessions. I was very sad. He cracked jokes. Made me laugh. All sadness vanished. Me- overflowing with happiness. Had fun. More fun. Secret chatting at night. Discussions about many things. My “I give lots of respect to you” sessions. Discussions about my pain. Almost laid my heart bare. I said “ Tonight I will sleep without crying after many nights”. Something terrible happened. Beautiful night turned into the worst one. But I didn’t cry. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was just written in our fates. Whatever it was…I will miss it a lot :'( :'( :'(

    I sweared...i will come to mumbai. IIT is the only excuse lolz
  2. horsesmouth

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    I cant help but reading it again n again... miss u..
  3. rickkkyrich

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    overly emotional people...
    @horsesmouth: wat was that miss u for? do u guys know each other?
  4. horsesmouth

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    some ppl are overly emotional dude...like me...
    n yes, we do know each other.. n this piece is 'bout me.. :')

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