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  1. rssrik

    rssrik New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I want to play guitar ilaya nila with lyrics. Can someone tab for that song, including the guitar BGM. pls ! ....

  2. jncprasanna

    jncprasanna New Member

    Ilaiya Nilaa Pozhigaradhae Idhayam Varai Nanaigiradhae
    Singer : S.P.B
    Lyrics : Vairamuthu

    Ilaiya nilaa pozhigaradhae idhayam varai nanaigiradhae
    ulaap poagum maegam kanaak kaanudhae vizhaakkaanudhae vaanamae

    (ilaiya nilaa)

    varum vazhiyil pani mazhaiyil paruva nilaa dhinam nanaiyum
    mugileduththu mugam thudaiththu vidiyum varum nadai pazhagum
    vaana veedhiyil maega oorvalam kaanumboadhilae aarudhal tharum
    paruva magal vizhigalilae kanavu varum


    mugilinangal alaigiradhae mugavarigal tholaindhanavoa
    mugavarigal thavariyadhaal azhudhidumoa adhu mazhaiyoa
    neela vaanilae velli oadaigal oaduginradhae enna jaadaigal
    vin veliyil vidhaiththadhu yaar nava manigal

  3. I_Me_&_Guitar

    I_Me_&_Guitar New Member

    hi dude ,
    hope this tabs are useful for you, if not after this i have pasted the western notes also, check out

    Song : ILaya Nila Pozhigiradhu
    Movie : PayaNangaL mudivadhillai
    Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
    Scale/Key: Cm (not necessarily original but chose to align with the scale of the notes)
    ILaya Nilaa POzhigiradhu
    sg p m m r n r m g g s
    Cm9 Bb Cm9
    Idhayam Varai Nanaigiradhu
    sg p m m r n r m g g s
    Bb Cm
    Ulaa POgum Maegam Kanaa Kaanumae
    gs g p S S g p S n3n
    Cm Bb
    Vizha Kanume Vaname
    g p n d2d dnd p
    Eb G#Fm G#GCm
    <Ilaya Nila Pozhigiradhe ... >
    (Actually, there is a scale change in charanam, but the notes here are given assuming we follow same-scale notations)
    Varum Vazhiyil Pani Mazhayil
    n n n n Sn p p p p np
    Paruva Nilaa Dinam Naniyum
    r g p m mg g g g g g
    Mugileduthu Mugam tHudaithu
    g r g p p g r g n d2
    Eb F
    Vidiyum Varai Nadai Pazhagum
    p m2p d2n n n n n n
    Gm Bb
    Vaanaveediyillll Mega Oorvalammm
    gr g p n R G R n R n R G
    Eb Bb Eb
    Kaanum POdhilaaee Aarudhal Tharumm
    gr g p n R G R n R n R G
    Eb Bb Eb
    ParuvamagaLL VizhigaLilae Kanavu Varummmm
    R G M G R S R G R S n3S R S n3
    Bb G# G7
    <Ilaya Nila Pozhigiradhe ... >


    Song : Ilaya Nila
    Film : Payanangal Mudivathillai
    Composer : Illayaraja
    Scale : Dm

    Legend :

    + => Next Octave
    - => Previous Octave
    {} => Notes sholud be played quick

    Prelude :

    C E G C+ G E {C+GE} CM
    A- D E F E D {FED} Dm

    C E G C+ G E {C+GE} CM
    D F A D+ A F {D+AF} Dm

    I Interlude :

    D A- D E F A D+ E E
    A D+ E+ {F+E+D+} E+

    D+E+F+ G+A#A#A#
    D+E+F+ G+B B B
    D+E+F+ G# B ABC#+D+ A

    G - CM
    F - FM

    II Interlude :

    A G# G G# A
    D {EFED} E D
    {FGFE} F E
    {GAGF} G F

    E+ E+E+E+ E+E+E+ E+E+E+
    E+ E+E+E+ E+E+E+ E+E+E+
    {E+F+E+D+} E+ D+
    {F+G+F+E+} F+ E+
    {G+A+G+F+} G+ C++

    Final :

    D F A G
    G A C+ G F G F ED E

    C D E FG F E F E D D


    D F A G
    G A C+ G F G F ED E
    C D E FG F E F E D D

    D C C C
    C D E F G A F E {FED}
    D D D

    thats my favourite song too..
    think your mastero ILLAYARAJA's fan, me too
    ok catch you later
    yours musically
  4. rssrik

    rssrik New Member

    Thanks a lot..
    Surely IR Rocks !!! ***

    I'm a newbie trying to learn the art-of-guitar myself.
    Frankly, I dont know Western / Indian Notes or Scales. I know reading tabs.
    If you could throw some light on interpreting the Western/Indian Notes, I would be grateful. Some "Links" or "cut & pastes", anything would do !

    Thanks again , friend !
  5. I_Me_&_Guitar

    I_Me_&_Guitar New Member


    you are welcome.....
    thats cool ..... even am learning guitar myself...
    ok i don know any websites which can teach chords , may be am not aware of..
    but i can do onething...
    from my personal id i can give you some tips and notes so that you can start playing...
    but i swear am also just a beginner.....
    if you wish to i can teach you but u have to pay me fees. fees details are mentioned below....
    take a look and if ur interested you may mail me to ved_dha
    fees structure..
    there is no installment..
    you can give the fees thru mails and phone
    and fees is you have to be my friend until am alive.....

    yours musically

  6. mohd anwar

    mohd anwar New Member

    Ennu eneke pottokothan sathygale chalicha seethrum


    I want to play guitar old malayalam song. Can someone tab for that song, including the guitar BGM. pls ! ....
  7. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    hey search it... u''l b getting the proper n clear version...

    u r a beginner rite... so follow the search version... the above post 'll confuse u even though its correct
  8. latheefkka

    latheefkka New Member

    Please help me for this bass tab

    hello friends

    please help me for the base tab for - oorusanm thungi ..from thamil movie ..melle thirandha kadhavu..composed by ilayaraja...

    sincere thanks to all music lovers...........


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