ilaya nila by gnani

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  1. sudhakumar

    sudhakumar New Member

    looking for tabs for myson adrusht. call me kumar
  2. jasjeb

    jasjeb New Member

    hi to everyne here
  3. skyventurer

    skyventurer New Member

    hello i can send u the lead part for ilaya nila the prelude

    its on the first 3 strings

    Frets used ( 5,6,7,8,9,10)

    Strings ( 1,2,3) the first 3 thin strings

    in the first line the d note is in the 3rd string fret no. 7 and f note is in the 2nd string 6ht fret.

    ilaya nila pozhigirathairai , ithayam varayi nanaikrathe
    D F A G E, C E G F D x 2 times

    ula pokum meghuam
    F D F A C slide to D

    Kana kaanume
    F A D C C

    Vizha kaanume,
    E G C A# A#

    A # C A# A

    if you are not able to understand this then i shall try to submit the tab soon

    hope it gets u started
  4. jayz87

    jayz87 New Member

    could send the tabs??.

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