Ilahi (Reprise) YJHD Guitar Cover

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  1. vinu15

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    Hello Ppl,

    Recently I came across this song 'Ilahi' from the movie 'Yeh Jawani hai Deewani', the first time I listened to it and I loved it..great rythm, scales and it couldn't stop me from making a guitar cover of the same..

    And sorry, I recorded this on cell, so its only an Audio file, I'm able to cover up the rythm..
    Hope u ppl like it..:)

    Check this out-
    Ilahi Reprise) YJHD Guitar Cover by Vinu (Audio only) - YouTube
  2. vaibhav pathak

    vaibhav pathak New Member

    chord plz wid strumming pattern :)
  3. vinu15

    vinu15 New Member

    Its A and Dsus2 throughout the song..
    except this lines

    (A)Mera falsafaa (A)kandhe pe mera (E)basta
    (A)Chala main jahaan (A)le chala mujhe (E)rasta (A)Boondon pe nahin (A)Boondon ke samandar pe (E)woh oo woh...

    Use single down strum on these lines..
    and the strumming pattern for the rest of the song is- D-UDUD-UDUD D-UDUD-UDUD Keep playing..
  4. DheartCracker

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