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    "Anathema are a 6-piece English band from Liverpool. Formed in 1990, the band started out as one of the pioneering groups in the Death/Doom metal genres. Over the years, they have pushed their musical boundaries in every imaginable direction, with the band's recent work closer to Progressive/Alternative Rock. Their newer work features regularly on mainstream media such as MTV and VH1, and has attracted a large faithful following around the world.

    Having been around for more than 20 years, the band has 9 studio albums, 3 EPs, and 2 Demos to its name. Their latest compilation, titled Weather Systems, was released earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim. The album debuted in the UK album charts' top 50, and in its German counterpart in the top 20. The band's more recent work is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Radiohead and The Beatles, and stands out for its beautifully written lyrics.

    The band has played in many high profile shows/festivals around the world, and has recently concluded a highly successful tour with Swedish metal giants Opeth. This January, they will headline at Saarang 2013, where we can expect a good mix of their older classics as well as some of their newer work which has been billed as some of the best experimental music to come out of England. It will be a show not to be missed.

    Date: Dec 12th, 2013

    Time: 1800 hrs

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    Location: Open Air Theater, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Adyar Chennai-600036

    Open Air Theater
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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