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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by koolstrum, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    Hi Freinds, I recently(today) came back two my home from IIT-D. Our college BSAITM was invited. Well, I enjoyed the crowd so much it was AWESOME.PARIKRAMA was great, n they had a superb violin player.sherpa was as usual great, n their bass guitarist was making smoke thru stunts like climbing on those huge JBL speakers n stuff. I am known as Prateek.
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    Ok.. now that u've created a thread..plz share more things about IITD Rendezvous with every1...wotsay? :)
  3. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    gimme time i need to sleep now coz i am max tired and dont have the jaan.will update more by tomorrow.thnx
  4. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    Well, I was really upset abt not bein' able 2 go despite havin' passes but last night i heard from a lotta ppl dat it wasnt good... last yr was much better, apparently.
  5. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    even i had the passes to go..
    but i cldnt...
    i wanted to..... but my bike broke down... :mad:
  6. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    the shows goes like this:
    4 small bands compete agaisnt each other and are given awards on the basis of best guitarist , best band and the best drummer
    and each band had 35 mins!

    Line up:( in order of performance )

    1. Messiah
    2. Raja Band
    3. Superfuzz Bigmuff
    4. Joint Family

    Reviews :


    3 ppl line up..
    vocalist played the guitar 2 ..mostly played grunge ..... and sum of their orginals ... werent dat gud.. but their drummer was excellent...

    here's the funny part:
    the guitarist/vocalist waz running round the stage and was gonna " rub backs" with the bassist... .. so he runs at fun speed and ................. his wire came lose hehehehehe ! anywayz it didnt affect the song much cause they played mostly grunge and waz sounding better...

    2. Raja Band

    4 members :

    very nice .... started of with Aces High by Iron Maiden ( woah !!)
    the guitarist was damn gud....playedd the solo EXACT !!!!!( I MEAN DITTOO!!!!)
    but his distortion was tooo cranky... maybe it waz coz of his ibanez .

    but they messed up 2.... hehehehe !!
    they were playing sum EXTREME song and the guitarists E string broke!! damn tough luck coz he waz really gud...

    it took him a lot of time 2 put a new 1 as he had a tremolo !!!!!
    overall they just played 3 songz !! but were nice !!

    vocalist waz gud 2!! sang like bruce dickinson

    Superfuzz Bigmuffs::

    although these guyz were pass-outs from my school and performed there with the school tie !!!
    i hated them ............
    they were a punk band and only played their originals and all of them sounded the same !!

    hated the guitarist sound .... used a DS-1 ... made a reall cranky patch!

    Joint Family:

    werent dat impressed by them ..
    played mostly nu-metal

    started with a bang with playing " People=**** !! "
    played even deftone: shove it !!

    overall they were nice with their covers and originals ... nice co-ordination ... but didnt like their taste !!

    oh yeah.. btw one of their guitarist played with a STRAT !!!!
    imagine.... playing slipknot with a STRAT !

    TIME for the pro-bands !!
    hehehe !!

    first up were BRAHMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when they got on stage i though their vocalist waz gAy @ coz he waz touching his ass and dancing round like a party animal !!!

    anywayz they played a lot of covers of Metallica like Sad but True, Memory Remains ,Unforgiven 2 ,

    and oh yeah they played in the end 2 ..... hehehe ( and the wanabies got hyped up with dat with dat !)

    they played their original-Lords of Darkness( ultra heavy songz ... real gud fort thrash metal fans )

    overall these guyz were .. crowd pullers ... especially the vocalist .....!!


    dont hav time 2 post bout parikrama ... will post later..... !
  7. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    @raja band - whats this??....some hindi pop band hai kya?....lolz....raja band.......or is it some marriage orchestra??

    @joint family - this is a gud band!

    @superfuzz bigmuff - wow.....cool name!
  8. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    lol @ raja band...

    wasnt parikrama performing the last day?? :think:
  9. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus New Member

    Brahma - Gay band...
  10. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    Yeah the whole story is of the last day that was yesterday. I was able to see parikrama only coz we guys from BSAITM did not have Passes.So we gave a last fight and went in without passes.I was highly impressed by the violin player.
    Sonam had his eyes closed and did not open them for sumthin around 35 seconds still playin with eyes closed. it was great. and their "Highway 2 Hell" was quite rockin. They even had n instrumental for free things in life like air water n stuff. then in the end they sang "We Will Rock You". Their vocalist was also gud coz sing rock song then a doft start for another one then again a shouting distorted voice. That was lovely. I loved it(n i didnt have to spend 100 rs for the pass )vaise couple entry free types hi thi.enjoyed the RDX as well. Had a lot of Redbull and won two keyrings from Hutch. I wanted the number of a gal from Hansraj college. Prarthna, a participant in solo eastern, Fine innocent dewy voice . If ne one of you could help.....
  11. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    one more thing. Our band also performed in eastern solo(deewana by sonu nigam) and group eastern (Pal by KK with music from indian idols pal).We did not win ne prize but we had a gud time singing songs in the Wind tunnel.We always started the songs n stuff. We sang sayyonee mai ri, woh lamhe and lotta similar songs...Had a great time. Our guyz used to stop anybody and ask for sutta. If we did not get it then we used to sing the song Bhen**** Ma**** sutta na mila. Had fun.....any body who saw us perform on stage ?
  12. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    naah .... even i thought of Raja Band ... as sum marriage orchestra ...
    but when they played .. it waz like ....Holy **** !!
    cmon Maiden fans they played Aces High EXACT !!!!!!!

    @ vini........ yup parikrama was playing the last day..... but didnt hav time 2 write bout them !!

    anywyz :

    Parikrama : On the show

    Awsum zimply awsum ....
    no wonder ppl think theri the best band in India right now ( i want no comments on dat 4 now )

    they played the oldies ... like AC/DC, led zepp, van halen, deep purple... and a lot of Pink Floyd !!

    they started sumthing of a Mixture of Rock n roll by led zep then swithced 2 sum ac dc and then 2 sum song and ended with my woman from tokyo by deep purple !

    their vocalist waz amazing.... sang exactly like brian johnson
    with all those shrill screams and all........

    by Van Halen they played JUMP .....
    and they played a lot of pink floyd !

    their originals ROCKED ...esp.. the parts where the violinist comes and does his solo !!

    they wanted 2 end it with ...highway 2 hell
    but we encouraged them 2 do 1 more song ....
    so they ended with We Will Rock YOU : the best version i've ever heard.. even better than the original version by queen !
  13. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    Ok One Bad news. Pretty bad for me. When I came back from the IITD i found my Hobner Junbo Broken from the middle of the fretboard in two parts. I was highly shocked but didnt wanted to create a fuss about it at home so kept quite.Well Gonna get it fixed when I get my Next cheque from Ebiz.com. Maybe before the BITS Pilani fest. Hope to see some IGTians there. Ones who are coming can inform me and we can meet there.
  14. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    okie..went to the rockshow(mere college ka tha, banta hai)

    The 4 compete bands were pathetic...donno what happened this time, last time we had prestorika,medicis,bhayanak maut,vishnu competing ...this time we had 4 crappy bands

    Messiah: Punk Rock(need i say more)

    Raja Band: bah..the guitarist doesnt seem to have the word tone in his dictionary..and crucify the dude who came up with that name. Did a nice cover of Aces High and a few passable Megadeth stuff

    SuperFuzz ****Puff: ..whatever, teenage angst,anger exemplified to the max...what rot, done 10000 times...same nirvana type riffs though they were far better than the previous bands

    Joint Family: Bah..nu metal. People=s.hit + Intestines - Brains ....pata nahi kaunsi equation chilla rahe the.
    These guys were tight(no pun intended),got the crowd somewhat pumped up ...but nu metal isnt my cup of tea....

    Abhi tak im thinking this is the worst rockshow eva...4 bands and no crowd response

    Chalo phir aaye Brahma:
    Baap re...they came with Appu Raja(their vocalist) ...watching their vocalist was hilarious..seriously gay dude. Did **** loads of commercial metallica covers..guitarist did mess up many songs, but phir bhi.. at least they got the crowd going...everyone singing unforgiven 2 ..the works.

    And Finally Parikrama:
    Ahh..this is the sweet stuff.
    1. Played Rockn Roll \, some ACDC and Women from Tokyo(Deep purplr) seriously sweet...had gr8 fun.
    2. Then went on to In the flesh and thin ice and finally run like hell by floyd.
    ...seriously amazing, for a big classical / prog rock fan this was the treat.
    3. their 3 originals,...WOW!! ..i mean, these 3 songs seriously kick ass.
    What was most amazing was the guitarists tone...baap re, id kill for a tone like that
    Played jump , clocks someway in between
    Ended off with Highway to Hell, WWWWRU ...woith fireworks etc etc.

    In the end,..parikrama saved the day, kicked all other crappy bands ass big time.

    PS1: Someone please tell these newbie bands to get a sense of identity and strive for an original sound and not simply try to ape successful bands

    PS2: Vini, u missed a great show(at least the parikrama part)

    PS3: The wannabe india rock fans whom u can easily identify with their long hair, ear rings and constipated looks are jsut a bunch of fking poseurs whose musical vocabulary doesnt go beyond slipknot,korn and mudvayne. Cudnt believe these guys actually had never heard Jump. Needless to say these guys dint enjoy the show.
  15. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    yeah..right the parikrama part :think:

    how were bhayanak maut..last time,btw??
  16. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    hehe, they lived up to theior name
  17. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    The name of my college band is Parakramm, n u know all engg. college in faridabad know us.,,
  18. goldiecool_2000

    goldiecool_2000 New Member

    Hey Kool Strum.....m Sid this side

    Listen Man,
    i gotta ask u this......DID U GUYZ BY ANYCHANCE SANG a song called SUTTA on stage.....????? Plz tek me if u really have....i got to tell u some serious **** about it man.... I am doin engineering in brcm college ,BAHAL, haryana....Newyas if u really have..i got to tell ya one thing......its the best song ever that i`e heard in my ****in like bro!!! ;) Plz cud u send me its chords...... planning to lpay it int the farewell....this year.... plz do reply....
  19. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    They are posted on this site under the name Sottah check them out they are gud. and NO we DID NOT sing this song on stage if it had been that way then surely we wud've been kicked (on our asses) out of the fest.....there were two guys from Bahal I met and a guy sang a medley in the solo song at IIT. well if ur the same guy , then Hi.

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