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    Do you want people to listen to your songs? Want instant feedback from the experts and critics? Now you have a place just to do that!

    IGT Soundtrack Forum, a place to showcase your talent.

    Here is how it works....

    1] Make you own song or covers.

    2] Upload your music here http://www.yousendit.com/ . Put your email address in the “Recipient’s Email Address” and yousendit.com will send you the link for the song you have uploaded to the email address specified.

    3] Make a thread in “IGT Soundtrack” forum and post the link to your song in the thread. You can also add a little description for the song along with the link etc.

    4] Wait for the IGT members to listen to your song and give feedback.

    To facilitate more views for your recording work, we have also accommodated “IGT Soundtrack” forum on IGT's Homepage.
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