if u could do a plan of the schedule of sunday

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  1. hi guitarist well i was wondering if u could give us a schedule of what we will do on sunday it will b better n b less chaotic the other members can also voice their feeling n on saturday can u plzzz make a final schedule of the online meeting thnx n rock on :rockon:
  2. d_ist_urb_ed

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    Why dont you propose one theguitaristofm? As it's your idea, i'll be looking forward to one, ok? Think it out and prepare it and send it to us:)
  3. well i would like to hear what the others want first for sunday ie whow we should begin n so on n what they wanna ask or make u folks play or what they expect so u members just add ur ideas of what u want too this thread n i'll try to form a schedule however i will b only for a max of 4hrs for sunday but will try to increase the time i'll b logged on
    so start sending ur suggestions n ur demands for sunday
  4. so start sending ur suggestions will check up what u really want n try to make a schedule plan or at least an idea of what we shall get to hear on sunday
  5. hi bro
    am theguitaristofm
    well made a rough plan for schedule
    but think will improve it as others send their ideas
    there should :
    1) introduction time
    2) a time where u folks will play
    3) a time where others will b given a chance to play
    4)question answer time
    what u think ??
    but i feel we got to place a fixed time for the activites
    so that if sb is intersted in hearing u all play or q/ans will
    log on at that time only
    this will cause a better n less chaotic environment
    but we should do the same thing twice so that those who have
    miss sth can get another chance
    what do u think?????
    since d_ist_ur_bed told me that we will need microphone
    i believe we will b able to hear ourselves n here r the rough
    ideas first below is attached a rough schedule


    6.00-6.15 introduction of u moderators n guitarists
    6.15-7.00 c what members want ie a chit chat with them
    7.00-9.00 u folks play u sth
    9.00-11.00 give the chance to others to play
    11.00-11.30 a break n enable the members to chat with
    other members
    11.30-12.00 an introduction again n we repeat again the whole
    but with different members who were unable to join us coz
    of time diff
    hey will the chat via typing b enabled?????
    well its just a rough
    c what the others say??????
    will try to improve it only if u folks give ur views n ideas
    by the way when u folks play it will b one hindi song n
    english song alternately to create a diversity
    n if at given time we fall short of guitar players we can move
    to q/ans what u think????
    welll i've asked others to give their views n hope to
    get it b4 saturday so that can create a good n final schedule
    ok folks leave ur views in the thread i'll wait for them
    n thosse who r interested to make themselveie wanna play
    heard can contact me well believe me its only if u play n others
    hear that u can know what r the faults u have n dont b SHY

    c u on sunday then........
    hey can u plzzzzz play the song the reason chords on sunday
    and a few nirvana songs
  6. d_ist_urb_ed

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    I dont know if things will work out exactly according to the schedule bro, but still, i'll discuss with some members and tell you afterwards. Meanwhile i hope other members will comment on this schedule.
  7. yeah dont think we wil b able to follow the schedule to the letter
    but still we can plan what we can xpect for sunday
    no prob with me if we dont apply the sche
    well keep me inform what u folks intend to do
  8. we can also improvise on the spot that seems better what u say
  9. well it will b better if we decide only after others give their opinion
    wat u say????????
  10. hi well met a friend n he suggested a idea n i
    think its much better
    instead of playing for 2hrs zens make others play
    for 2hrs then make q/ans if we did one playing by u folks
    zen one by the members zen some question ans n kept
    and doing the same pattern we will b able to better
    improvise if at a given time we have no one willing to
    well think its a much better one n it wont b a bore to us
    n i think its better than what i first suggested
    still waiting for ur views thnx
  11. Hardknockerg

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    hi well just joined in will bthere for sunday well i think the second schedule of theguitaristofm seems much better alternate presentations n much improvisation will b needed

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