identifying strumming pattern of a song

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    Hi Peeps,
    its been like 5 months since i started playing guitar. One thing ((Apart from a lot others) i lag is that i cant pick strumming pattern of the song. If DUDDU sort of strumming pattern is written down then i can fit that into the song somehow. I fall back to one standard strumming pattern of mine if its not given. And i somehow tweak it to fit in to the song. Anyways, I understand that it doesn't have to be exactly the same as the song itself. But most of the time I'm far from it. I wanted to learn tere bin from Rabbi Shergill but i cant seem to pick up the strumming pattern.

    1. How do you guys find out the strumming pattern?
    2. Does practicing different patterns, in the form of DDUDU help?
    3. Also when im singing along with the song, i tend to loose track of my strumming pattern. WTH

    BTW, im gonna post the same in some other guitar forum as well to get the best off internet.
    Thanks in advance
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