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    Wow, the world is a village. Thousends kilometres away from good old India I have just discovered your guitarforum.

    I live in Bielefeld, this is a town in germany. I am almost 50, maried and have three boys aged between 15 and 19 Jeahrs old. Please don`t mind my english spelling and my grammer. I am not used to write in english. Since 20 jeahrs I am working as a carenurse in a psychiatric hospital; the first 15 jeahrs only on nightshifts and since then in daytime.

    When I was Jung I travelled a few times to India and stayed around 4 month in Calcutta. My idea was to find there artist and promote them in Germany and open a artgalery and become rich along with the succes from the indian artist.
    But my live turned in a other direction. I met in Calcutta my wife Amanda, she is a english nurse and worked in Mother Theresas Dying-home and was two weeks after she came to me to Germany pregnant with my eldest son. Of course I had from then on the duty to pay every month our bills and so I stopped my Ideas to become a Artdealer and worked for my save monthly sallery as a nightnurse in a lunybin.

    Because I was often feeling in the nights bought I smoked to many zigarrettes. One day I asked my wife what should I do to overcome my addiction. She had a very good Idea and told me to bring my guitar to work and learn a classical song on it. What a inspiration. Every night I learned a few hours guitar and get payed for it. From now I rely liked my job. And I have seen that many of my patients like my music and so the atmosphere in the hospital was a lot improved. And the funny think is that I found in the end the artist from calcutta that I was searching for - he is in me and through hard work on my guitare I will dig him out (one day).

    Now I am realy happy that I discovered this forum. Because I want to learn with my guitar a Indian melody. On youtube I found a man who played a nice assames folksong on his guitar but until now I could not get tabs or sheets from him. My aim is to find a slow, calm or melancholic Indian melody that calms down my psychiatric patients. For every Idea from this forum I would be very thankful.

    4 jeahrs ago I uploaded on youtube a few videos. The following song I taped at work. By others you can see a bit of my home.

    Ibuki1961's Channel - YouTube

    All the best to you all.

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    Ibuki, welcome on board and you have a very interesting story. I just heard your - Romanza from Paganini - and loved it thoroughly !!

    I'd love to play the same someday :).

    Cheers and thanks for dropping by.

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