Ibanez SA-220 and Boss DS-2 for sale in Kolkata

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  1. ThinkVoid

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    I am based out of Kolkata and I want to sell the following stuffs

    1. Guitar - Ibanez SA-220

    Expected Price: Rs 12,000

    Mint Condition. Used sparingly for 10 months. Flamed Maple top/Mahogany body. Great tone and nice fast action.
    Reason for sale: Finding it difficult to handle two guitars in my tiny room. Was a tough call to decide which one to keep as both are equally good. Finally, decided to part with my SA-220 and keep my Fender Mexican Strat.

    Free Accesories: Ibanez Styrofoam Case and Panet Waves strap

    Following is the link for the product description on BAJAAO:

    Following is the link of an YouTube Video where the same model is used:

    2. Pedal - Boss DS-2

    Expected Price: Rs 2500

    Legendary Boss DS-2 pedal, needs no intro......
    Just bought it 3 months back from Bharat Music House, Delhi (these things are so damn solid that it doesn't matter if it is 3 months or 30 years).
    Wide range of distortion tones with the I and II setting knob. Setting-I is great for riffs and rhythm. Setting-II is great for leads.

    Here is a demo video of the Boss DS-2 pedal:

    Following is the link for the product description on BAJAAO:

    In case you are interested, please contact me at: somdevg@gmail.com

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  2. shredder01

    shredder01 New Member

    Hi Dada
    Have you sold your guitar and pedal yet? Am planning to buy one thats why i am asking. Is the price negotiable? If so give me your number and ill call you.
    By the way where is the tremolo bar??
  3. ThinkVoid

    ThinkVoid New Member

    Guitar n Pedal not yet sold

    Hi shredder,

    The guitar n pedal have not been sold yet. Please PM me for more details or mail me at somdevg@gmail.com

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