Ibanez S470 !!!

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    ok so heres the deal..i recently (2 months back) bought an ibanez s470 in black...absolutely love the guitar...the neck is amazing...and so is the body...the only issue i have with it is the ZR trem...the trem is built like a rock...holds tuning very well..makes divebombing easy and stuff...but i play in a band and we constantly play in diff tunings...and so retuning every time is a hassle...

    So i have decided i wanna sell it and get another ibanez with similar specs except that it shud have a fixed bridge...

    I wanted to know wat kind of price shud i be lookin to sell it at...everything is intact...have all the allen keys the instruction manual...no scratches anywhere on the body...

    P.S. I bought it for 35k
    P.P.S also if someone is interested pls lemme know :D

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