Ibanez S1270 or ESP LTD JH600....HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by aeroash, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    i'm deciding between the Ibanez Prestige s2170 and the ESP LTD JH600.....any thoughts on any of these guitars???....i have no means of checking the guitars out in person...i have to just go by reviews!
    I would like a Low action and a slim neck....anybody got any experience with these above guitars?

    Any thoughts much appreciated!
  2. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    Dude please post accurate details please. What kind of music you like? What(Genre) do you intend to play? What is your Budget? What amp/pedals/other stuff are you using. The Ibanez you are talking about is an old one. And remember that it is a Korean made prestige!! I'd rather not buy that one and instead go for a japanese one. Also dude are you some pro guitar player or something or are you just rich? ;)

    Electric Guitars - S5470Q | Ibanez guitars this is the recent s prestige.
  3. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    appreciate your response mate...i play all kinds of music from Carcass to Tesla to Eric Clapton!...lol...thats a lot to cover in one guitar i know...hahaha....i don't play professionally anymore...but i play as a hobby and at times jam with friends and occasionally play on stage ....it's been my dream to own a good quality guitar, and i have the means now!...lol....the guitar will be with me for a long long time!...amen!

    The S series Prestige used to be made in Korea prior to 2008 and all Prestige model guitars were shifted to Japanese factories thereafter. so the S1270 was made in Japan for a brief time...it's discontinued now! :(
  4. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Personally i wud pick up the S series that u mentioned. I have tried many S series untill now and simply love the feel of those guitars. i have not played on S2170 sadly but looking at the specifications i wud definitely choose this over the other ESP..
  5. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    I definitely like the S series i own one too. It is always nice to have good equipment to play on. Also have you considered other options? Like PRS for example they have unremarkable craftsmanship. And also can i know the reason for that particular model of the s series? Also i would like to point out that now after owning a s570b i'd like to say that if i have the money i wont buy a prestige. I would rather go with a premium, and change the pickups to bare knuckles. The prestige isnt just worth the extra money for me. Also you didnt mention what are you going to play it through. Plus i'd like to point out that the pickups on the S2170 arent powerful enough for the styles you mentioned. Lastly do you incorporate whammy bar acrobatics in your playing style?
  6. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Budget ? Budget ? Budget ? That'll open the door to many more awesome guitars to be unleashed...
  7. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    mymusicmyguita.....yea the S series is a great design isn't it :) ....have you tried the S770? ...keeping it as an option also!
  8. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    ayu135...you are right in what you said...i absolutely agree...the Prestige wouldn't be worth the extra cost for a hobbyist or for someone who plays occasionally...oir maybe professionally too....i don't know...i have absolutely no means to check these guitars out in person...it's a tragedy...it's only after i have my hands on a prestige will i know what all the fuss is all about! ;) ....have you any experience with the s770 though...i'm keeping it as an option because the the S2170 has be discontinued and the replacement model is 30k more...it's ridiculous!!
  9. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    rickkkyrich .....70k max!
  10. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    ayu135 ....at home i have a Peavey vypyr 75w...on stage i don't even know what these guys here put our equipment through...the cabs say Yamaha though :)
  11. henrynh

    henrynh New Member

    70K is quite a big budget, if you could maybe somehow raise it to 80k or 85k you could get a Carvin direct import from US or even a MIA strat. Parkers would be worth looking into as well along with Godlin, not really sure on the current prices of those though.

    I'm not that familiar with Ibanez stuff, but the ESP is okay that you are looking at, quite good actually. Most ESP LTD's with model number 400 & above in their name are high quality, so yeah not a bad choice at all as long as you upgrade the pickups in them to suit you if necessary. Dimarzio & Duncan both would be fine choices for aftermarket pickups, even Bill Lawrence(Wylde) pups are higher quality without breaking the bank. WCR pups would probably be my choice for extreme high quality pickups.

    Try to keep away from the PRS SE line at that budget though, they play well, factory setup & quality control is good but the hardware is junk & the prices are bad out here so unless its on sale for say about 30-35k range then get one otherwise avoid them. With that kind of budget I'd probably be looking at higher end guitars, it would be worthwhile to wait a little and raise it by 10k-15k more & get something exceptionally good.

    You will need a better amp though if you're spending that much on a guitar, the SS Vypyr 75W is okay as a practice rehearsal amp, but personally for me it didn't quite cut it. Maybe replace it with a Yamaha THR10 for a bedroom/recording only purpose amp, if you want to keep away from tube amps but still want better sound than most practice oriented SS guitar amps.
  12. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    @henrynh......thank you for the detailed description dude.
    yup i see your point...i would have more options at 10-15k more!....at the moment it is out of my reach....but if i don't find what i'm looking for i'll just wait and increase my budget.

    i'm not a fan of Parker shapes, will be difficult to procure a Carvin for sure. PRS anyways i'm not interested....i'm sure they make nice guitars at a higher range but they don't appeal me ...lol

    Will pick up an amp once i get the guitar!....The Yamaha THR10 is a brilliant choice!

    Do u have any experience with Jackson Guitars or Bare Knuckle pups??
  13. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    So you own a vypyr 75 too!!! It is a nice amp. I find it a little lacking though. I have had the opportunity to try BKP's and i was impressed is to put it lightly. I was simply blown away the main thing that caught my attention was how clear it was there was absolutely no muddiness even with fast chugging.
    So my recommendation:
    Electric Guitars - S970CW | Ibanez guitars

    I dont know how much this costs but this will really be awesome.

    Also for the amp i suggest getting a good amp will be helpful because great guitar + normal amp = normal sound.

    Also if you like basswood this is also a great combo and within your budget.
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    Bare Knuckle Pickups
  14. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    @ayu135.....That S970CW is a piece of Art!!!.....i love it....have asked bajaao on the availability and the price on that!
    those BKP's are expensive man...but might consider them in the future.

    i'm also considering the Ibanez S770FM and change the pickups to DiMarzio Evolutions or the D'Activators!....i think that'll be a sweet deal for me...i get a fairly well built guitar and plus the pickups i need all within my budget.

    i'm really keen to know your views on the S570B you own???...which guitar did u own before that and how different has the S570B from that?...or what made you pick the S570B??.......keep me posted :)
  15. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    @aeroash: What amp do you have or planning to buy? Do you use pedals or mfx processor? Is 70k you budget for the total rig or just the guitar?

    Why don't you look out for Schecter blackjack C1? It has got SD Blackouts which are awesome pickups and the guitar is really good too with original floyd rose tremolo... Do check it out.
  16. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    Damn!! Just checked out the guitar prices they are over the roof!! I bought my S570b for around 32k now it is for 39k!! So the S770 is a no brainer it is obviously better looking and rest is the same. http://www.indianguitartabs.com/f18/guitar-review-ibanez-s570-sound-clips-51912.html here is a review that i wrote when i had bought my guitar. But you would surely want to change the pickups. I was myself going to buy a pair BKP Painkillers two moths back but bought a new graphics card instead :p Also i had looked at other options but nothing came close to a BKP in the bridge. So as a backup i had chosen an Dimarzio evolution in the neck with a Bkp painkiller in the bridge.

    EDIT: @rikkyrich The actives would be totally metal he wants versatility.
  17. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    How are actives and metal related? Actives are as versatile as passives...Play my VMNT and you'll agree..
  18. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    @ayu135....GUESS WHAT!!!...the S770 is not available in India as well....the bajaao guys said they are doubtful of that model being launched in India...i guess it's going to be the S570b...i spoke to Bajaao and they said they will install the DiMarzio Evolutions in them and set up the guitar for me!...sounds good to me! :D
  19. aeroash

    aeroash New Member

    i'm considering the S Series for it's Slim neck and body shape for now...never come across a Schecter before...but hearing good things about them!
  20. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    I have played on the S series which are available in the our indian market...And i loved those....

    Infact i even liked the Ibanez RG series guitars... See if u can get any Japenese made S series or RG series...They are worth the money

    Do check out GODIN guitars there are well built and great tone...Also SUHR guitars..(Check out Guthrie Govan for these guitars)..Love the models..These are expensive but u have the budget..

    Bajaao had sent me a list of Japan made RG series models on request....They were in the range of 50 - 1Lakh....U can always negotiate with them for the price :p . U can see those guitars listed on their site...

    I saw soooo many Japenese made S series guitars on IshiBashi.com website...I was completely blown away after reading their specifications and listening to the clips....

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