Ibanez hardcase and Digitech Screamin' Blues distortion pedal for sale

Discussion in 'Buy - Sell Used Musical Instruments' started by theedge, May 26, 2012.

  1. theedge

    theedge New Member

    Hi, They're individually 1500 and 2500 and the case is in good condition. For sale in Bangalore. I've advertised in another forum here and have revised the price. Thanks.
  2. theedge

    theedge New Member

    Right. here's another deal - Ibanez hardshell case, Digitech Screamin' Blues distortion pedal, and Korg AX10G guitar fx all for a price of 4500. The case is good to go and the other stuff work ok. I'll be interested in pickups to trade with all of it. JB evoulution just tell me what you got. Again in bangalore only
  3. JasonFernandes

    JasonFernandes New Member

    I'm interested in the Ibanez case. But i'm from Mumbai. I'm ready to pay for the shipping. Possible...??
  4. theedge

    theedge New Member

    its a big pain finding shippers for a hardcase. dont mind though if you can suggest one
  5. theedge

    theedge New Member

    and the case looked exactly like the ibanez case but i wrote over the ibanez logo, it looks cool though, thats why i wanted a bangalore sale, but if you can trust me its a genuine case then we can go for it
  6. gajanan

    gajanan New Member

    what is the price of korg ax10 g and digitech screaming blues separately ?

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