Ibanez GRG270DX for Sale in Pune

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by xavier_r, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. xavier_r

    xavier_r New Member


    I bought my guitar about 1 year back, its grg270DX, for about Rs. 24000 from Music Concept in Salunkhe Vihar, in Pune... Since I am a newbie to guitars its remained mostly unused...

    Heres a pic of my guitar

    Heres a pic from the internet of grg270dx

    I am interested in selling my guitar... and also, give away my amp, a tuner, guitar cover, guitar stand, etc. for free with it

    If you are interested in buying my guitar, please mail me at flac.ubuntu@gmail.com
    Prices negotiable...
  2. xavier_r

    xavier_r New Member

    Any bidders?
    How much can you pay for my guitar???
  3. ozone

    ozone New Member

    dude how much u selling it for...??
  4. xavier_r

    xavier_r New Member

    I dont know about current prices of the grg270dx... But i have 18k-20k in my mind...
    (My Marshall 10 watt amp and accesories cost me around 4000+ which I am giving away with the guitar for free coz i wudnt need them anymore...)
  5. rohit

    rohit New Member

    i live in pune i bought my micro cube from music concept.

    did you bought grg270dx for 24k or the whole gear u mentioned for 24k??
    new grg270dx is for 15k.

    marshall 10w is for 3k.tuner 500Rs.

    so the total would be around 20k.


    how did you bought grg series for 24k??????????????
    didn't u check the prices on internet??

    ibanez rg370dx is for 24k.
  6. xavier_r

    xavier_r New Member

    24k only for the guitar...
    what were the prices one year back...???

    Nope I didnt check it on the internet... I am not so much interested in guitars... I just bought one, and now I need to sell it...

    So... if the price is 15k now only for the guitar, I'll sell everything in 15k...(including amp, tuner, stand, cover...)

    Any bidders?
  7. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    dont think you can get anything more than 10 K for it
  8. xavier_r

    xavier_r New Member

    Wrong thoughts buddy!!!
  9. rohit

    rohit New Member

    12-13k is the right price for all things you have mentioned.
    obviously it depends lot upon the condition of guitar and amp.
  10. ajesh_mani

    ajesh_mani New Member

    above one is right .....but it depends on hw much hv u used it ??
    i dont believe dat u purchased such a costly guitar when u wr still learning it and left it unused ..
  11. xavier_r

    xavier_r New Member

    Well, dude I think I might have been duped by the seller... i mean 24000 last year cudnt cost 15000 this year... fcking stupid!!!
    Anyways, for the guitar its hardly used and has been laying in my rack... you can come and see it... :)

    Any bidders ? I am ready for below 15k+ prices...
  12. xavier_r

    xavier_r New Member

  13. pulkitgarg

    pulkitgarg New Member

    can offre u around 10k to 11.5k for all the stuff and if ur interested kindly let me knw ur location so that can have a look..or leave ur cntct no
  14. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    RG series is >>> GRG series.
    GRG retails around 15K.
    RG retails around 20K

    thats the way it has been for (at least) past 5-6 years.

    Please correct me on specific model basis. (Am talking in general about the series)

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